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Meet Hamis Kiggundu, the 37-year-old Investor changing Uganda through Real Estate

At the point when Ugandan finance manager Hamis Kiggundu, began his first business years prior, he was unable to have envisioned that he would rise to become perhaps the best business mogul in Africa, not to mention Uganda.

At the point when Ugandan finance manager Hamis Kiggundu, began his first business years prior, he was unable to have envisioned that he would rise to become perhaps the best business mogul in Africa, not to mention Uganda.

At only 37 with a Forbes total assets of $870 million; Kiggundu, broadly known as Ham in his nation of origin, claims various structures in the core of Kampala city; including a retail plaza, he named, Ham Shopping Mall, Ham Towers, Ham Shopping Grounds, among others.

He has likewise fabricated a reproduction of the White House in Kampala, which he says will go about as a vacation spot.

“The White House is lodging the central command for every one of my organizations however similarly remain as a delineation of opportunities for my kindred Ugandans and Africans in general, on the off chance that they have it there, we also can have it here. Africans ought not pursue their fantasies out there but instead put in an energy and battle to carry out their longings in Africa. I have consistently respected the white house as a youngster and in light of reason, why go to America as a vacationer to visit the white house when I possess the ability to construct a copy here back home?” says Ham.

One would say Ham doesn’t rest with regards to land. He is never attached to one task, and presently, he is building 500 gated extravagance homes on 200 sections of land under Ham Palm Villas and simultaneously setting the Agro-Processing plants named Ham Integrated Agro-Processing Industries.

Ham claims a business property in the United Kingdom arranged on 375 Moston Lane, Manchester M40 9NB exchanging as Ham International UK Ltd.

He is the proprietor of a coordinations organization exchanging as Ham International Express Logistics LLC situated in Euless, Texas with various trucks moving coordinations all through the United States.

Ham was brought into the world to Mr. Segawa Haruna and Mrs. Nakayiza Jalia on the tenth of February 1984 in a little town in Masaka named Kalungu. He went through Kabojja and Makerere University where he graduated with a degree in law. His dad, Mr. Segawa was a material broker and it was from him that he figured out how to carry on with work.

“My dad would welcome me to work in his material shop during school occasions,” describes Ham.

During center school, his folks gave him funding to begin his own endeavor. “They gave me some sensible funding to begin a business. Sensible as in it was not all that much for me to just spend it on my own necessities then as a youngster nor was it excessively little for me not to begin which enabled me to encourage my business venture. I began little and locally, exchanging items and product from direct merchants abroad and selling them at a benefit,” he states.

Adding that “With expanded capital inflow, I advanced to a firsthand shipper and began bringing in products from China, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Dubai. I could circulate them discount both in Ugandans and adjoining nations like Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Congo, and Sudan. I collected more capital and moved up to land, predominantly purchasing and selling area and properties at a benefit before I consolidated Ham Enterprises (U) Ltd and advanced to developing and possessing my business properties.”

As though that is sufficiently not, he is additionally putting vigorously in innovation, under one more of his organizations, very much like google; Hamz Link Ltd, an interactive media stage organization situated in Edmonton Canada. Through Hamz Link, he has had the option to dispatch an internet learning stage, Hamz Campus, a video real time App, Hamz Wave, and a web-based media stage, Hamz Line, to give some examples.

Ham says his ventures are directed by the “bearing of usefulness and sensible wages inside reasonably accessible boundaries represented by unadulterated standards of interest and supply.”

“I’m directed by the reasonable variables of interest and supply and also, it is for a reality that business is about hazard taking with mental fortitude and assurance to move into new monetary zones generally on an equilibrium of probabilities.”

Conquering Challenges

Like some other business visionary, Ham has experienced various provokes making a course for accomplishing his monetary muscle and changing society. Be that as it may, what makes him stand apart is, maybe, his way to deal with the difficulties.

“I don’t harp on the difficulties. I generally center around substance rather than development where the end legitimizes the means (The distance you have strolled doesn’t make any difference as long as you get to your objective). I never consider the previous difficulties but instead center around the present and the future since difficulties and errors are just a venturing stone forward as they give me the capacity never to mess up the same way again. Indeed, I have committed errors yet to me, botches have consistently been a surprisingly good development, we as a whole unwittingly commit errors yet from their repercussions, we adapt never to rehash them since then we know.”

Growing a business is difficult, particularly without financing. In Uganda, most finance managers rush to banks for help with request to scale their organizations. Ham’s story is the same, however he says, banks in Uganda charge tremendous loan costs, and that prevents development.

“At the point when you think your financiers are your companions then, at that point, you’re mixed up, those are your colleagues, that is the reason they abandon quickly when you make a default on your installments. Banks are a decent wellspring of startup and development capital however never for long haul economical advancement. One can possibly sensibly profit from banks in case they stand firm on moderately equivalent or sensible bartering footings to haggle reasonable financing costs and reasonable exchanging terms. In any case, in Uganda and most African nations, financing costs remain at as high as 25%-30%. There are exceptionally thin possibilities of private ventures truly becoming showbiz royalty and extremely restricted supportability of organizations over the long haul.”

On his part, Ham says he has become amazing at developing his functional capital inside without looking for monetary help from the banks.


Ham is right now constructing a games arena named Nakivubo Stadium in the interest of the public authority of Uganda. The financial specialist says he left on the undertaking as a Corporate Social Responsibility move for local area improvement.

“I additionally need to set a model for different Africans that in case I can pull off such a Huge undertaking with private financing so can they. The best way to haul Africa out of destitution to success is for us Africans to acknowledge it as our obligation and commitment. The arena project similarly appears to be legit with earnings since it has business premises joined.”

However he has that task on his hands, Ham didn’t neglect to help his country in the battle against COVID-19. He gave millions to help the public authority buy north of 150,000 dosages of COVID-19 immunizations.

“Cash is just one of the apparatuses of endurance; it stands pointless on the off chance that it can’t save individuals’ lives. All things considered, no man is an island. I generally help where and any place I can since my singular individual endurance is simply restricted to an exceptionally limited extent of essential necessities. I own and completely finance a cause association working as Ham Foundation Once one is honored with progress it’s just sensible that they start their battle towards aggregate society advancement rather than individual-focused thriving in light of the fact that accomplishment in the midst of a helpless society just stands as a responsibility rather than a resource. A helpless society can just draw one downwards never upwards. So it is best you pull everybody you can for aggregate government assistance dependent on reason and reality.

Counsel to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

“I encourage them to take social and self-obligation, interface their vision to their own qualities. They should can expect change and in particular they should be adequately fearless to forsake their past. Truth be told, they ought to get time and perused my books; “Achievement and Failure dependent on Reason and Reality” and “Reason as the World Masterpiece,” with a receptive outlook.

Ham says “All turns of events and disclosures, past, present and future to come; were, are and will consistently be an immediate impression of the thinking limit of individuals of such a given time span.” That’s the reason remains as the world magnum opus.


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