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Former Arsenal player Mathieu Flamini currently has a net worth that is 20 times more than Cristiano Ronaldo’s.

Due to his successful commercial endeavors, former Arsenal footballer Mathieu Flamini is now 20 times more valuable than Cristiano Ronaldo.

Due to his successful commercial endeavors, former Arsenal footballer Mathieu Flamini is now 20 times more valuable than Cristiano Ronaldo.

In 2004, Flamini signed on with Arsenal, where he remained for four years before moving on to AC Milan.

Then, in 2013, he made a comeback and beat Tottenham Hotspur in 2015 with two famous goals.

The Frenchman made over 100 games and assisted the team in two FA Cup victories during his two stays at Arsenal.

Since then, he has radically changed the course of his professional life.

Flamini changed careers after hanging up his boots in 2019 and is now estimated to be worth an astounding £10 billion by Forbes.

If so, he would be much wealthier than Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, who, according to GOAL, is estimated to be worth approximately $500 million (£363 million).

What will Flamini do next?

GF Biochemicals, one of the top businesses in the world creating a greener future, was started by Flamini while he was an AC Milan player.

The 39-year-goal old’s was to find sustainable alternatives to oil-based products in order to reverse the damage caused by harmful petrochemicals found in plastics, rubber, and even shower gel.

After 13 years, Flamini is now the CEO and owns 60% of the business.

Flamini talked openly about his move from football fields to boardrooms and how his life has changed in an interview with the French news outlet LesEchos.

“My instructors must be shocked! I left for Arsenal when I was 19, and now I operate a biochemistry company and speak both English and French.”

I’m quite active. In conference calls, it’s difficult for me to remain still. I frequently stop recording and start walking.

“I need to spend money, not just want to. At least five times a week, I work out. In London, where I reside, Hyde Park is where you’ll often find me running after 7 o’clock, or more recently, doing

“I can mentally unplug thanks to it. At work, I’m surrounded by PhDs who are really intelligent; I learn a lot, but I also grow outside of my comfort zone. Being the least intelligent person in the room might get tiresome at times.

I had the opportunity to enjoy a fairly lengthy career at Marseille, Arsenal, and AC Milan, Flamini continued. Yet throughout the past fifteen years, there hasn’t been a day when I didn’t awaken in anguish, either physically or mentally.

“You must put up with it. An excellent introduction to being an entrepreneur’s life! I would have had a ton of reasons to give up in twelve years.

“As in high-level sport, when you have to perform on the field in front of 60,000 spectators, you have to handle great pressure.


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