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Masaka was safe under NRM, but now that we are no longer in authority, it is no longer safe.

Otafiire believes that the continuing wave of homicides in the Masaka region, which has claimed the lives of over 26 individuals, is due to the NRM's lack of political authority over the region

Maj Gen Kahinda Otafiire, Minister of Internal Affairs, has reminded the people that there were no killings in Masaka when the NRM was in power.

Otafiire believes that the continuing wave of homicides in the Masaka region, which has claimed the lives of over 26 individuals, is due to the NRM’s lack of political authority over the region.

On Thursday, Otafiire made these comments during an appearance on NBS Frontline.

“You forget that there were no killings when the NRM ruled Masaka. “Politically, someone else is in charge of Masaka,” Otafiire remarked.

Masaka region overwhelmingly voted for the National Unity Platform (NUP) at all levels during the recent 2021 national elections.

Ofwono Opondo, a government spokesman who is also a commentator on NBS Frontline, said it’s probable that the NUP is working with some criminal forces behind the Masaka killings.

According to police, MPs Ssegirinya and Ssewanyana organized the Masaka murders in Kampala.

“It’s possible that there are persons with criminal tendencies in NUP. The best way is to demand that when we get a conviction, the government give credible evidence,” Opondo added.

NUP MPs Allan Ssewanyana and Mohammad Ssegirinya were remanded in custody last week in connection with the Masaka killings, with the prosecution charging that they were responsible for the deaths of three persons.

According to Otafiire, the arrests were conducted following admissions that implicated the MPs. He, on the other hand, refused to comment further, adding that the court would decide whether the suspects were guilty or not.

“Some have admitted it. As a result of such confessions, arrests were made. The case is currently in court. In judicial cases, I observe noninterference. “The court will decide whether or not these people are guilty,” Otafiire stated.

Otafiire also accused the NUP of being obstructive since it refuses to cooperate with the NRM.

Ssemujju Nganda, FDC Spokesperson and Kira Municipality MP, disagreed with Otafiire, claiming that the government is only attempting to transfer blame after failing to fulfill its obligations.

Ssemujju Nganda counters with a rebuttal.
“The Otafiires are attempting to deflect culpability. During the elections, troops were deployed all throughout; even those in Somalia were sent in. After we chatted, they went to Masaka,” Ssemujju stated.

“The government has wanted to establish a narrative from the start. When there are protests in Kampala, they claim that foreigners are funding the boys and girls on the streets,” Ssemujju remarked.


If they declare they are no longer in authority, Ssemujju urged the government to grant Masaka independence.

Nobert Mao, the head of the Democratic Party, also stated that he believes it is premature for the government to declare that some party is responsible for the murders in Masaka.

Norbert Mao pleaded for more time to examine the assassinations.
“Now is neither the time to divert the nation’s attention to the opposition’s attacks on people, nor is it the time for the opposition to rejoice in the government’s failure,” Mao stated.

The killings at Masaka are still a source of dispute and research since the killers’ motives are unknown.

So far, over 23 people have been detained, including two NUP MPs.


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