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Market Uganda Through Good Stories, Travel Writers Told

Ugandan Travel Writers have been asked to use their gifts and platforms to help market and promote Uganda, through positive content.

“Travel articles not only serve as a marketing tool for Uganda but also offer readers a more authentic and original understanding of the destination,” Lily Ajarova, the Chief Executive Officer of Uganda Tourism Board, told guests at this year’s travel writing competition, organized by Uganda Uncovered.

“Not everyone is active on social media, and thus some individuals prefer to read and use their imagination,” she said.

Ajarova also emphasized the importance of exploring one’s own country to gain a deeper understanding, saying this is one of the fundamental strategies for promoting the destination.

Speaking at the event, the vice chairperson of the Private Sector Foundation Uganda and Managing Director of SoftPower Communications, Sarah Kagingo, asked writers to also re-invent themselves with the digital world.

Sarah Kagingo

“Right now, the world doesn’t entirely need to rely on print media to know about the internet.  The photographs and stories you write about the county sell it. Anybody who reads the story immerses themselves into the story. Whatever you write tells the story of the country,
we need to step up our stories so that anyone who searches for Uganda finds good content about us in the search engine,” she said.

The winners
At the function, Mercy Twinomujuni was awarded the travel writer of the year 2023 and Martha Uwera emerged as the runner-up.

Ronald Kiryoowa was awarded the winner of the inaugural photo exhibition.

The top three writers and photographers of the year got themselves a night at Budongo Eco Lodge to get a chimpanzee tracking experience in Budongo forest.

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