Man who baked ‘coffin-like’ birthday cake for Kabaka Mutebi speaks out

The shape of the cake was decided by the royal family

Kenneth Nsibambi, the man who baked Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi’s birthday cake has spoken out following a public backlash over its ‘coffin-like’ shape.

On Tuesday, the King of Buganda celebrated his 66th birthday in a scientific function that took place at Bulange Mengo. However, his birthday cake sparked mixed reactions from a section of netizens who wondered why of all the finest cake shapes, the baker had to come up with a ‘casket-like’ one. They questioned his motive.

However, Nsibambi has defended himself saying that it was not his fault that the cake had such a shape.

He revealed that the shape and colour of the cake was decided by the royal family.

“I would like to make some points clear here about Kabaka’s cake. It’s not the baker that decides the colour and shape of the Kabaka’s birthday cake but the royal family does and this time around, that’s the color and shape that was prepared. Sorry for all those that have been negatively affected. Long live the king of Buganda,” Nsibambi said on Wednesday.


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