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Man United’s disgraced star Mason Greenwood to marry pregnant girlfriend

There doesn’t appear to be a week that goes by without disgraced Man United star, Mason Greenwood, being in the headlines.

Man United’s disgraced star Mason Greenwood to marry pregnant girlfriend. This event, according to The Sun, is because he intends to marry his pregnant girlfriend Harriet Robson. The 21-year-old’s future with the Red Devils is unclear at this point.

He was arrested in January 2022 on suspicion of rape and assault and Robson was charged.

This led to the England international being suspended by his club, and in October 2021. Greenwood had been charged with willful rape, assault as well as controlling and coercive conduct.

In February 2023, all charges were subsequently dropped after the main witness withdrew her testimony and new evidence emerged, according to Sky News. It’s not clear exactly what this new evidence is, but the result is that Greenwood remains a free man with a clean character, at least under the law.

At the moment, Man United is clearly still undecided whether to bring his player back to the first team environment or find a way to move him elsewhere.

Despite career difficulties and stains in his character, the young man can at least hope to celebrate married life.


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