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When choosing their new captain to take the place of Fernandinho, Man City players made wise decisions.

After club veteran Fernandinho resigned this summer, Manchester City players should choose a new leader.

After club veteran Fernandinho resigned this summer, Manchester City players should choose a new leader.

On Manchester City’s preseason tour, there will be four new faces, four new squad numbers, three absent vital players from last season, and another captain will also be required.

Seven days from now, Erling Haaland, Julian Alvarez, Kalvin Phillips, and Stefan Ortega will compete in a City shirt against Club America in Houston. This will serve as a preview of Pep Guardiola’s tactics for his team this year.

The purpose of preseason is primarily to improve health and test out novel ideas, so the strategy employed by the US team against Club America and Bayern Munich won’t necessarily be the one that will compete for the Premier League championship, but there will undoubtedly be indications of the approach Guardiola is looking for.

Before the start of the period, the captaincy issue must also be resolved because a new club captain is needed because Fernandinho left this summer.

Since several seasons ago, City has had a captain’s meeting. Players and coaching staff vote for five “captains” within the squad, with the player receiving the most votes being crowned the club captain.

Following Fernandinho’s departure, Ilkay Gundogan is currently the team’s highest-ranking “captain,” followed by Ruben Dias and Kevin De Bruyne, who will take over as the next option in 2020–21.

Additionally, the armband has occasionally been worn by Kyle Walker and Raheem Sterling.

In the event that Gundogan accepts the captaincy with one year remaining on his contract, Dias would take over as bad habit captain, and De Bruyne would move back up to third. With one fresh expansion needed, Walker might be an incredibly resilient member of the initiative group since Authentic is going to Chelsea.

Additionally, Rodri feels compelled to take the step up within the changing area for which he has aggressively stated he is ready after his comments on Tuesday following his new agreement.

Rodri makes sense of it by saying, “Consistently you are more experienced and have more understanding, youthful players are popping up.”

Since I arrived, I have made an effort to be a pioneer. There are some big names in the storage area who need to do that work, but right now I feel like I can. I made it my responsibility to continually try to push each player to get better. The finest strategy for success is that.

“This task is everything but straightforward, yet I must complete it. I believe it is my responsibility within the organization, but I really need to develop to handle these situations.

Just Kalvin Phillips has a longer-term contract at City, which runs through a different deal in 2027. Despite having authority credits in the future, Phillips won’t be let go of his leadership post immediately, while Dias has a longer contract that runs through 2027.

Rodri has been at City for a very long time and knows Fernandinho well. He is an unstoppable player in pivotal situations and will shine in many lineups during the season while playing an important role. He checked many of the boxes for a future captain with his displays and consistency from last season.

Rodri deserves promotion to the leadership group with the intention of being the next manager during the next five years, even though Gundogan, Dias, or De Bruyne may be in line for the authoritative title of club captain.


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