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Mali: Bonuses finally paid as training postponed

Towards the end of the crisis in the nest of the Eagles on the eve of their match against Gambia. While Mali must face the Gambians this Friday as part of the third day of the 2023 AFCON qualifiers, the players had decided to conduct a training strike on Thursday, to protest against the non-payment of their bonuses dating from the 2021 AFCON. The information has spread very quickly to reach the general public that was moved by this umpteenth episode around the premiums. Despite attempts to appease the Ministry of Sports, the solution came from the top of the state. According to Sport News Africa, the presidency of the Republic has been activated to settle the debts with the players and staff members concerned.

A delegation, led by Colonel Tounkara, financial director of the President of the Transition Assimi Goïta, went a few moments ago to the team hotel to settle the premiums. “The players were waiting in line one after the other and received their money in cash,” said a source on site. Once the situation is back to normal, the players have agreed to train during a night session and will get ready to head to the stadium.

L’article est apparu en premier sur Sport News Africa.


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