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Lt Col Magungu assumes command of the United Nations Guard Unit in Somalia.

On February 19, 2022, Lt Col Peter Magungu took over command of the United Nations Guard Unit (UNGU) from Lt Col Francis Odikiro.

The UPDF has confirmed the development.

AMISOM Sector One commander Brig Gen Keith Katungi, United Nations Senior Security Officials, and all heads of departments under UNGU VII and VIII attended the ceremony in Somalia at the United Nations Base in Mogadishu, which was presided over by the deputy Commander Land Forces Maj Gen Sam Okidingi.

At the ceremony, Okidingi commended the outgoing commander and his team for a job well done and welcomed the new force, urging the incoming commander, Lt Col Magungu, to uphold his predecessor’s legacy, be a good ambassador to Uganda, and uphold the rule of law while carrying out his duties.

Lt Col Odikiro, the outgoing commander of UNGU VII, was grateful to the UN and UPDF leadership in Mogadishu for their unwavering support and advice, particularly during the COVID-19 outbreak.

In his remarks just after receiving his instruments of office, UNGU VIII’s incoming commander, Magungu, committed to do his best and wished the outgoing commander luck in his future responsibilities.

Magungu was later presented with a UN flag by Kiki Gbeho, the UN’s deputy Special Representative for Peacekeeping Operations, who welcomed the new group to the UN security team and pledged to work with them.

Kiki also thanked Uganda’s government for providing such a highly trained force to protect UN installations and personnel in Somalia.

As part of the handover formalities, the Uganda flag was handed over to the new UNGU commander by the deputy commander Land Forces, Okiding.

After the creation of UNGU in response to UN Security Council Resolution 2111 of 24 July 2013 and UN Security Council Resolution 2124 of 12 November 2013, the UPDF first deployed in Somalia on 1 April 2014.


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