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Look who will be on the next SpaceX trip! A cancer survivor, professor, billionaire, and Air Force veteran will be among the first passengers in space.

Billionaire Jared Isaacman is leading the effort. He himself paid for the expedition, choosing to bring three people he had never met before, who he selected from an unorthodox interview process. Every seat has a unique worth.

A group of absolutely inexperienced civilians will be launching into space for the first time on Wednesday, as a team with no paid professional astronauts aboard. The Inspiration4 mission was designed to give every passenger a better view, hence the moniker given to the passengers.

Billionaire Jared Isaacman is leading the effort. He himself paid for the expedition, choosing to bring three people he had never met before, who he selected from an unorthodox interview process. Every seat has a unique worth.

Jared Isaacman, an astrophysicist and a professor at MIT (Billionaire pilot)
It’s Isaacman’s job to see it through. In addition to being a 38-year-old American, the CEO of Shift4 Payments, which offers a payment solution for merchants and restaurants to deal with bank card transactions, is also an American citizen. In his family’s basement, he constructed it when he was only 16 years old. He has made numerous long-distance flights in a light jet and has extensive experience in a wide variety of military aircraft. His company, Draken International, which was established in 2012, trains US Air Force pilots.

He’s married, and he has two children who’ve been interested in space travel since they were young. Richard Garriott, a private citizen who visited the International Space Station in 2008, was the first person to do so by launching from Kazakhstan aboard a Russian rocket. That interaction inspired him to contact SpaceX. His “leadership” is symbolized by his chair.


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Although Arceneaux was afflicted with bone cancer as a youngster, he was treated at St. Jude’s Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, which Jared Isaacman helped fund. Now she is employed as a medical assistant at that location. She will be the youngest American and the first person with a prosthesis to have ever been taken into orbit around Earth, which will happen at age 29. She will be the medical director for the mission. “Hope” is embodied in her seat.

Sian Proctor, though (Professor and astronaut candidate)
In Arizona, a geology professor named Proctor teaches at a small college, where he is 51 years old. During the Apollo missions, her father, who was born in Guam, worked for NASA. In Hawaii, she participated in a Mars simulation exercise and applied to NASA twice as an astronaut candidate. Among 3,500 candidates, she was one of about three dozen finalists selected in 2009. The first African-American woman in space will be joined by three others. She will assist the commander as the mission’s pilot. She won her seat, which means “prosperity,” by working with Isaacman’s company on a project where she was challenged to create an internet sales site.

Chris Sembroski of Alaska; (Air Force vet)
Working in Washington, Sembroski, a 42-year-old veteran of the US Air Force who served in Iraq, works for Lockheed Martin. After giving a gift to St. Jude’s Hospital for charity, he was selected to serve. He has been given the responsibility of distributing supplies and acting as the crew’s messenger to Earth. This is marked by his symbol, which represents “generosity.”


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