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Lady, don’t pretend to groan or fuss over your stomach… Don’t let your man down.

Last week, we discussed the things that women despise about males during sex. We're going to flip the coin today.

Last week, we discussed the things that women despise about males during sex. We’re going to flip the coin today. Women do some nefarious things, and males despise them all.

This takes the pleasure out of sex. And all you have is a man who is solely interested in having fun.

Who goes to the bathroom right before sex and showers completely? Women frequently go to the bathroom in the middle of foreplay and simply want to resume where they left off.

That guy’s mind wanders the entire time you’re in the bathroom. It’s no surprise that a male would rather be on his phone flirting with another woman during his restroom break. Someone who will keep the horn sounding until you’ve finished whatever it is you’re doing.

The most revolting aspect of it all is leaving the restroom without freshening up. To get rid of a horn, a male will continue with foreplay and then sex. That intercourse will not be enjoyable for any of you.

Most attractive women believe that their appearance and body will suffice. All they do is lie down and take it as if it were medicine.

You must partake in the amusement. You got caught in the sheets because of your appearance. Demonstrate your ability. Men deserve amazing sex, and as a woman, there is only one way to provide it.

Participate in the performance. Move your body as if you’re taking in everything that’s going on. You already know how much you enjoy it. You are not a whore if you enjoy sex. It elevates you to the status of divinity.

What is it about ladies that start groaning before the man even gets into bed with them?

Some ladies are so conceited that they are ready to climax even before the guy breaths down their neck.

Even if you actually cum, they won’t trust a moan out of your mouth because of that fake loud moan. Completely shut down. Genuine moans will come out of good sex. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Not even for the sake of money.

Men dislike it when women are overly concerned with their appearance. The fallen angels, the stomach tyres, they’re all part of the package. He’s seen them, and he’s still talking to you about it.

You don’t have to be afraid to turn since you know the tyres will run. Instead of using your hands to please your lover, use them to encourage the fallen angels the entire time. It’s lights and action after the garments are removed.

Styled after a missionary. For lazy ladies, this is the most comfortable sex style. They just want to relax and glide their hands about his back as he performs the heavy lifting. That does not sit well with men.

In the streets, the church girl act comes to an end. It’s a battle zone after the bedroom door shuts behind you. Rotate.

Could you kindly cum? Men sometimes aspire to be your Rambo. They intend to keep it running for as long as possible. As a woman, however, you have the ability to perform things that even the most experienced man will not be able to do. Just make sure you don’t tell him to cum. If a man keeps a hard-on after that, it will be a miracle.

Do not agree to have sex with him this weekend and appear as though you have done him a tremendous favor. When you enter the bedroom for action, why are you acting like a tiny god?

You want to show that you have a Saint within of you, but the whore inside of you has already won by your presence. Simply said, you are not doing him any favors by not acting. Honey, the sex is for both of you. It’s time to get to work.

Give it to him like it’s the last time he’ll be within you till the next time.


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