LIVE: What’s happening at the MPs’ retreat at Kyankwanzi 2021?

President Museveni has today, Thursday 15th April 2021 officially opened the retreat for the newly elected ruling NRM party MPs at the National Leadership Institute in Kyankwanzi. Find all what's happening about the retreat here.

“The MPs have been learning about the NRM principle for the past one week but tomorrow he will officially open the retreat. We shall put much emphasis on economic transformation and how to implement the NRM manifesto for 2021- 2026,”Lumumba addressed a day before the retreat.

She noted that whereas they have begun with MPs, they will have retreats with party LC5 chairmen and sub-county chairmen to teach them the ideology.

Whereas the speakership race and debate had kicked off, especially between the incumbent, Rebecca Kadaga and her deputy Jacob Oulanyah, President Museveni recently put a stop to the campaigns for the position.

The deputy NRM Secretary General, Richard Todwong earlier this month said the issue of speakership will not be part of the agenda at Kyankwanzi.


  • Panic as one of the NRM MP elects in Kyankwazi retreat tests Covid 19 positive
  • Kadaga absent for retreat while her counterpart Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanya attends
  • Museveni blames ‘NRM leaders’ for Youth joining NUP
  • Speakership race to be silenced at the retreat

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