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King Oyo builds a model farm.

King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV of Toro has built a model farm for economic development in Kyenjojo District.

Farming knowledge from various firms will be shared under the terms of the agreement.

“I established this farm for a purpose because my people need to learn how to use different technologies,” King Oyo remarked last week at his farm, where he hosted a group of performing artists.

People were tasked by King Oyo to adopt agriculture as a business.

“We farmers were unaffected by the Covid-19 lockdown since we were making money, but artists were affected because they were unable to perform.” “My recommendation is to create money from music and invest it in agriculture,” King Oyo advised.

Some young people are embarrassed to work in the garden, according to King Oyo.

“Farming is a business,” he added. “I am an active farmer and a businessman in farming; it is not a punishment or labor heavy.”

Livestock, dairy farming, mango growing, fish farming, coffee, banana plantations, tomatoes, goat keeping, and poultry are all part of the King Oyo model farm in Bugaaki Sub-county.

In the event of a coffee oversupply, King Oyo intends to build a storage facility on the plantation.

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Mr Frank Tumwebaze, the Minister of Agriculture, donated two tractors to the King Oyo in January, claiming that his property would benefit small farmers.



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