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Kickboxer Golola Moses Announces Retirement ‘Margherita Fight’

On Saturday, Golola Moses, also known as "Golola Moses of Uganda," announced his impending "retirement fight" on December 9, 2022.

On Saturday, Golola Moses, also known as “Golola Moses of Uganda,” announced his impending “retirement fight” on December 9, 2022.

The world-class kickboxer claims he is quitting so he can save his energies for managing his academy, which develops future talent.

Golola will compete against South Sudanese superstar James Majok in his final bout, called the “Margherita fight.”

The two previously squared off in an exhibition battle on July 30, 2021 at the Nyakuron Cultural Centre in Juba, which Golola defeated.

At the Golola Moses Talent Academy in Kawempe on Saturday, he assured the media that he will defeat Majok this time.

He announced that his institution would soon begin a competition called “unaweza” (you can), which is intended to highlight the nation’s rising stars.

“Before my retirement fight on December 9, we’ll travel with our tournament to other parts of the nation to look for fresh potential. Golola Moses can live forever, but he cannot fight forever, thus I wish to quit. I don’t want to age and experience an unexpected death.

In contrast to the past, when they had to rent, which was quite expensive for the institution, he stated that they had already secured a combat ring.

There are so many young men and women out there who have self-confidence but lack access to platforms where they may shine.

Golola stated that the techniques and academies used by all the industrialized nations that win medals to train young talents are “what we need here in Uganda because it’s what will help us spot and raise talents.”

Golola claimed that he will combat rising teenage drug misuse and domestic violence with his weekly event.

“Idleness is the primary cause of the high rate of drug usage among young people. We will thus involve the youth of the ghetto in activities that will benefit them and their country.

In preparation for his much awaited bout, he is hiking Mount Rwenzori with UNDP, where they want to plant over 5000 trees to help the environment.

He invited all the CEOs, MPs, and VIPs to hike with him and visit the area, as well as to plant trees to protect the ecosystem.

Additionally, Golola urged every Ugandan to plant a tree “since nature is for us all.”

“I think we can conserve nature if we all work together,”

The winners of this match will serve as the Margherita fight’s openers.



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