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Kibalama Opens NUP Headquarters, Warns Bobi Wine Faction on Party Colors, Symbols

A division of the National Unity Platform (NUP) led by Moses Nkonge Kibalama, the party's founder, has established new headquarters in Kabowa, Kampala.

A division of the National Unity Platform (NUP) led by Moses Nkonge Kibalama, the party’s founder, has established new headquarters in Kabowa, Kampala.

The Kamwokya-based group headed by Robert Kyagulanyi, aka Bobi Wine, was cautioned by Kibalama to stop using the “party colors and emblems” when the new headquarters were inaugurated on Tuesday.

Gideon Tugume, the communication secretary, stated that the NUP’s delegates’ meeting on May 27, 2022, resolved that the party establish a new headquarters away from Kamwokya.

The Central Executive Committee of the party hereby announces that the new party headquarters will be unveiled on June 21 in accordance with the delegates’ decision.

The new corporate office

He claimed that the decision to sever ties between the NUP leadership and the People Power movement led to the decision to relocate the party’s headquarters.

The NUP’s spokesperson, Joel Ssenyonyi, referred to Kibalama’s group as “masqueraders” in a press release that same day.

The Nakawa West MP claimed that the same individuals had previously claimed in court that the state had instructed them to fabricate evidence against the legitimate NUP leadership.

It is obvious that the State is still using them in an effort to weaken NUP’s leadership and destabilize the organization as a whole.

Such efforts, he claimed, are fruitless and will not succeed.

“We urge the public to treat these imposters with the disrespect they so richly deserve. We also issue a strong warning to these impersonators, informing them that they will face the full force of the law for their fraudulent inclinations.

On the other hand, Kibalama’s group charges Bobi Wine’s faction with lacking transparency, failing to hold people accountable, failing to respect and uphold the NUP constitution, mismanaging the party’s operations, and allegedly managing them in a totalitarian manner.

“The new administrative leadership of the party is now mandated and charged with the day-to-day management of the party activities both within and beyond the nation,” Tugume told journalists on Tuesday. “This is as a result of the May 27, 2022 delegates’ conference.”

“NUP, therefore, offers a severe warning to anyone discovered using party colors, symbols, stamps, or any other party materials without permission from the party leadership, as such behavior will result in extremely harsh punishments,” it says. By this notice, all authorities are requested to stop considering Kamwokya to be the NUP’s headquarters.

According to Tugume, NUP is already moving quickly to field candidates in every bye-election at every level and in every area as declared by the electoral commission, and is quite confident in winning every area.

All elected NUP members at all levels, including MPs, are now welcome to visit the head office to formally join the organization and get the blessings of the actual NUP bishops.

On Wednesday, Moses Nkonge Kibalama and Ssimbwa Paul Kagombe’s faction claimed to have obtained a copy of the letter from the Uganda Electoral Commission.

The faction stated that it was excellent that the situation had been clarified and hoped that it would put an end to it.

A copy of the letter from the @UgandaEC addressed to Moses Nkonge Kibalama and Ssimbwa Paul Kagombe was delivered to us today. This explanation has been made, which is good, and hopefully it clarifies everything.


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