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Jumia at 10: Delivery Agents Get 700 UN Certified Helmets

The helmets are the best-priced on the market and have been created to exceed UN safety criteria, according to independent specialists who certified them.

During the launch of the first road safety week as part of the company’s 10-year anniversary celebrations, Jumia, the top pan-African e-commerce platform, announced the distribution of over 700 motorcycle helmets to its delivery agents (riders) as part of its Safe and Affordable Helmet Programme with FIA.

The helmets are the best-priced on the market and have been created to exceed UN safety criteria, according to independent specialists who certified them. Riders will receive the helmets, which are appropriate for hot and muggy areas, free of charge as part of Jumia’s commitment to improve the wellbeing of its partners and employees and to consistently look for novel methods to better the work environment.

“Our top goal is ensuring the safety of our personnel, clients, and the people we work with every day. We are delighted to work with FIA on the helmet donation because we all stand to lose a great deal when safety on the roads is not enforced. When speaking to the riders, Ron Kawamara, CEO of Jumia Uganda, said: “This is a significant aspect of keeping our riders secure while they do their work.

But just because someone is wearing a helmet doesn’t mean they can’t get hurt or hurt other people, he continued. It doesn’t give you permission to drive carelessly. These helmets will go a long way toward safeguarding our riders and preserving their on-road safety. To acquire the appropriate standard helmets, we spent a lot of time and money.

When speaking to the passengers, Rogers Nsereko, the traffic commander for the Kampala Metropolitan Police, remarked, “If you pay attention to our monthly traffic data, road safety is still an issue.

We are tracking a ton of accidents each week. The most regrettable fact is that pedestrians are the ones who suffer the most. Over 1.35 million individuals perish in traffic accidents. 54 percent of these fatalities involve motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians.

Every year, over 3700 persons in Uganda pass away in traffic accidents; frequently, pedestrians are the victims. In order to ensure that we defeat the scourge that is killing our dearly loved people on the road, I am thus welcome Jumia to the war.

I would like to pledge our support as the traffic and road safety directorate since such alliances will transform our society for the better and give us the desirable future that we all seek.

The goal of Jumia’s safe helmet program is to lessen the number of motorcycle-related fatalities worldwide. It is a component of the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021–2030.

I’m overjoyed that Jumia is concerned about the security of their delivery staff. We are aware of the nature of our work, therefore these helmets will offer sufficient protection while we deliver goods to customers across the nation. The helmets are of high quality, and I want to urge my fellow riders to adhere to the traffic safety regulations, ” remarked Kifumba Awal.

In fact, research demonstrates that wearing a protective helmet is one of the most successful road safety interventions, with a 44 percent reduction in head injuries among moped and motorcycle riders.

Every year in June, as part of the company’s anniversary festivities, Jumia will host a road safety week.


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