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Italy outlaws meat created in laboratories.

Italy outlaws meat created in laboratories.
Rome, Italy | BAZZUP | The production, sale, and import of “cultivated meat,” which is made from animal cells rather than animal killing, are now illegal in Italy, making it the first nation in the world to do so.

The prohibition also includes using terms like “salami” and “steak,” which are associated with traditional meat products, to promote plant-based meat alternatives.

Following months of deliberation, the Italian parliament passed the new law. Penalties for breaking the regulations might reach 60,000 euros (65,800 USD).

Italy’s ban comes at a time when other nations, including Germany and Spain, are making significant investments in research to enhance the methods used to produce farmed meat.

Proponents contend that because processing meat from crops has less of an impact on the environment than processing meat from animals, it is more environmentally friendly. Additionally, because raised meat doesn’t need hormones or antibiotics, it may be healthier and less expensive than traditionally produced meat.

The action aims to preserve Italy’s culinary traditions and agricultural jobs, according to a social media statement by Agriculture Minister Francesco Lollobrigida.

According to Lollobrigida, “Italy is the first country in the world to be secure from the social and economic risks of synthetic food.”

It was earlier this year that Italy established rules for the labeling of products derived from insects in order to move closer to legalizing the manufacture and sale of such food. However, it may take a few years before this protein source is generally accessible in Italy.



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