In the eyes of a white man, Bobi is complaining.

The preceding week was a painful week for us all as a country because we were mourning and sending off Hon Jacob OULANYAH, who we lost.

I am convinced that God will guide our legislature, along with the other institutions of government, in carrying out its responsibilities in the management of the country.

While we were grieving and preparing to send out the speaker, certain people in Geneva were flaunting their unpatriotism and disregard for their voters in front of cameras and white male audiences.

Bobi is whining in the eyes of a white man.

I am convinced that God will guide our legislature, along with the other institutions of government, in carrying out its responsibilities in the management of the country.

Similarly, the election loser, such as the National Unity Platform (NUP) in this case, has the right to demonstrate while voicing the concerns of the few persons who shamefully voted for it.

The minority party, the NUP, becomes the official opposition, with the particular task of presenting an alternative to the majority and exerting control over the majority’s activities, as nearly all political parties understand it.

In our country, we have several leaders.

The goal of having opposition in the legislature is to create political competition, but it appears that in Uganda, opposition also implies opposing conventional ideas and being unbiased and patriotic.

Our opposition has even chosen to stop thinking rationally in order to appear as heroes on television screens or to appease some of their fans by making statements that split rather than unite Ugandans.

Last week, one of our main opposition leaders, ghetto president Kyagulanyi Sentamu, gave a speech about human rights in Uganda at the Geneva Human Rights Convention 2022 in Switzerland, and all Ugandans who watched him give his speech were astounded by his submission, which was full of allegations, lies, and hate speech against the government.

I’m not sure why so many Africans get so excited when they speak in front of white audiences or even on similar platforms with some white people.

Many of our African adversaries have done so, and they can choose to portray their country in an unfavorable light in the eyes of Westerners in order to obtain sympathy or sponsorship.

According to our magnificent opposition leader at the Geneva meeting, Ugandans have lived in fear, enormous suffering, and have been treated like animals since President Museveni assumed power 36 years ago.

This is absurd, because individuals who have lived in Uganda for a long time recall what happened under previous governments and how President Museveni has coped with insurgencies and insecurity while fostering democracy.

“Hundreds of extrajudicial murders continue to take place, buildings are burned down, and women are raped,” he continued.
All of this, he claims, is attributable to his home region’s strong support for him in previous elections.

These tribal impulses are still present in him and his party, and I’m not sure why they stuck to that campaign tactic when he was endorsed by a large number of individuals from different regions.

The joyful gentleman then proceeded to inform the white man that numerous of his supporters had been discovered dead on the side of the road in Uganda, and that many of them had returned with hideous torture marks and horrific stories from the forests.

Women were raped and males were castrated.
Uganda continues to have significant issues in dealing with people who believe that the only way to be liked is to harm the image of your government.

To them, opposing means being unpatriotic, although this is not the case with the individuals to whom they repeatedly express their problems.
We are Africa, and I am certain that we know how to resolve our own disputes without getting worked up over projecting a terrible image of the country in which we live every day.

The gentleman demanded that they stop funding Uganda in his proposal, and he practically bowed down, demanding that all projects here be abandoned, and he is the opposition leader.
I don’t know how other people see things, but I believe our opponents’ leadership is woefully inadequate.

Anyway, to those who love and are patriotic to their nation, let us continue to preach patriotism and promote our country wherever we go and wherever we are, since that is the only way we can grow and raise the bar.

But the lesson of the story is that home is the best; the next morning, he returned to the country he despised and was embraced by his family and friends, and he has since roamed freely and joyously across the dangerous country.

Even when he lies about the government that allows him to do so, the white man must now be laughing at himself and wondering how he manages to travel freely overseas and return without being jailed.

Ugandan patriot Michael Woira.


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