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In Lamwo, South Sudanese warriors kill two villagers and raid 108 animals.

Two persons have been slain and 108 cow heads have been stolen by suspected South Sudanese fighters.

On Saturday evening, the tragedy occurred in Lawiyeoduny hamlet, Madi Opei sub county, Lamwo district.

Joseph Okello (48), and Denis Oroma (38), both inhabitants of Oryang cell in Lukee ward, Madi Opei town council, were identified by David Ongom Mudong, the Aswa River Region Police Spokesperson.

According to Mudong, the deceased had gone to the jungle to pasture their livestock when they were assaulted and mercilessly slaughtered by the warriors.

According to Mudong, a report from one Edward Okeny, who is said to have escaped the attack, the warriors attacked and killed the two, then fled with their cattle across the porous border into South Sudan, equipped with pangas, knives, bows, and arrows.

Police, together with its sister force, the Uganda People’s Defense Force from the Banabana Army detach, responded to the area and recovered two bows, three pangas, and a knife, according to Mudong.

The bodies were also recovered and transported to the Madi Opei IV health center.


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