In Istanbul, Turkey, Uganda establishes a consulate.

The Republic of Uganda’s Embassy in Turkey has opened an Honorary Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey’s largest and most populous city.

The ceremony, which took place on Tuesday, was presided over by Stephen Mubiru, Uganda’s Ambassador to Turkey, and Karem ALP, Turkey’s Ambassador to Uganda, and was attended by hundreds of Turkish businessmen, government officials, representatives from the government’s foreign trade arm, international sports personalities, the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, and the mayor of Istanbul’s Maltepe Municipality, among others.

Istanbul is one of the world’s most important cities and an important crossroads for international trade because it is the meeting point of the European and Asian continents.

Honorary Consul Levent Davisoglu, a well-known businessman in both Uganda and Turkey, will lead the Consulate.

In Turkey, the Netherlands, and Uganda, Levent has a chain of lubricant manufacturers.

The factory in Uganda, known as Potenza Lubricants, is located in the Namanve industrial zone.

In accordance with its economic and commercial diplomacy mandate, the Embassy promoted Uganda coffee, Ugandan pineapples, and other items during the launch.

Guests were also served freshly roasted Uganda coffee, which had been imported from Uganda specifically for the launch.

Fresh Ugandan pineapples were also supplied, which had been transported from Uganda to Turkey for promotional purposes.

Ambassador Stephen Mubiru and senior diplomats from the Uganda Embassy in Turkey, particularly Julius Mwijusya and Joseph Barigye, created a strong impression on Turkish investors, visitors, and the general Turkish public, convincing them to view Uganda as a top business and leisure destination.

More than 3,000 Ugandans live and work in Istanbul and the surrounding area.

The establishment of the Consulate will help to promote Uganda in Turkey and strengthen the two countries’ cordial and friendly bilateral relations.


Uganda established a consulate in the Turkish Mediterranean tourist city of Antalya in the country’s south last year.

Antalya is a Turkish tourist city with a yacht-filled Old Harbor and huge hotels along the beaches.

For many years, Uganda and Turkey have had cordial cooperation in areas such as military, defense, education, and energy.

In 2010, Turkey established a full-fledged mission in Kampala, and Uganda responded in 2011 by establishing a mission in Ankara.


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