ICC sentences Ugandan rebel leader Ongwen to 25 years in prison

Dominic Ongwen, 45, was sentenced in February on 61 checks, including constrained pregnancy, which had at no other time been brought before the Hague-based ICC.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) on Thursday condemned Dominic Ongwen, an Ugandan youngster officer turned authority of the severe Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebels, to 25 years in jail for atrocities and violations against humankind.

He was likewise seen as liable of homicide, assault, sexual servitude and recruiting youngster officers, among different charges.

“In light of the gravity of the crimes you have committed, the chamber sentences you to a total period of imprisonment of 25 years,” Judge Bertram Schmitt said in addressing Ongwen.

As per the court, Ongwen requested assaults on displaced person camps in the mid 2000s while filling in as an administrator of the LRA, an outfitted gathering drove by criminal Joseph Kony, which has pursued a merciless conflict in Uganda and three adjoining nations to build up a state dependent on the Ten Commandments of the Bible.

Uganda LRA commander Ongwen sentenced to 25 years in prison over war crimes
Former Uganda LRA commander Ongwen (center)

Ongwen confronted a lifelong incarceration. In any case, the indictment contended that Mr. Ongwen’s set of experiences of kidnapping by the agitator bunch when he was around nine years of age justified a lesser sentence, and mentioned 20 years in jail.

Subsequent to arguing for vindication during the preliminary, focusing on that the blamed had himself been a casualty for the agitator gathering’s severity, the guard requested 10 years in jail for the previous youngster fighter, nicknamed the “white insect”, during this condemning hearing.

The people in question, as far as it matters for them, requested life detainment.

“Capable grown-up”

Ongwen has consistently denied “for the sake of God” every one of the allegations against him. He told the ICC that the LRA constrained him to eat beans absorbed the blood of the primary individuals he had to slaughter as an inception after he was stole.

In seeing him as blameworthy, the ICC passes judgment on recognized that Ongwen had endured incredibly himself yet said his violations were submitted “as a capable grown-up and commandant of the Lord’s Resistance Army”.

As indicated by the UN, the LRA has slaughtered in excess of 100,000 individuals and snatched 60,000 youngsters in viciousness that has spread to Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic.

Ongwen, who gave up in 2015, is the main LRA leader to be attempted by the ICC. The gathering’s originator, Joseph Kony, is accepted to in any case be everywhere and is the subject of a capture warrant from the court.


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