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I would have persuaded Oulanyah not to run for speaker if I had known he was sick – Museveni

President Museveni has stated that if he had known about the plight of late former Speaker Jacob Oulanyah, he would have counseled him to prioritize his health.

Museveni told mourners on Wednesday at the Kololo Independence grounds that he learned about Oulanyah’s cancer diagnosis when he (Oulanyah) went to Dubai for treatment.

“Your health is really important. Don’t take a chance. Oulanyah was a highly disciplined person in this case, but I just learned about the problem when he traveled to Dubai.

What is evident is that if he had told me (about his illness), he would have had to deal with Omoro constituency politics, vice chairmanship, and speakership. I would have told him to focus on his health if I had known, but I didn’t. “I didn’t find out till until later,” Museveni explained.

The president highlighted that everyone’s health is extremely important and that everything else can wait until the health issue is resolved.

He also claimed that a minister he did not name wanted to run for speaker in the most recent election, but that he counseled them against it because he is aware of the unnamed minister’s health issue, which would prevent him from serving effectively.

“Sitting there all day as speaker is quite unsafe.” It is quite hazardous. If you have any reservations, you should not take it. “Your friends should also inform you,” Museveni remarked.

“Health is both a source of prosperity and a weapon of war. If you’re a fighter for Africa, you need to take care of your health because you’ll need it to fight for Africa. We lose your contribution when you die, since individuals can make a difference.”

The president, on the other hand, praised the late speaker for his significant contribution to Uganda’s and Africa’s growth.

“He had already accomplished a great deal in reconciling northern Uganda.” It had been tainted by inept politics. In a short time after becoming vice chairperson, he had deepened unity. I want to honor Oulanyah by praising him and praising him as a role model.”

“He made good use of his abilities. He was an excellent orator. He was a dedicated worker. We identified and supported him in taking on the role of deputy speaker, and he used that opportunity to multiply his abilities. Oulanyah’s loss today is a significant one. He was someone who was on the rise, and he would bring a lot of benefits to the country.”


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