“I will shake hands with anyone who supports Muhoozi,” Tamale Mirundi says.

The President’s media advisor, Tamale Mirundi, has indicated that he has resolved to forgive Andrew Mwenda, a long-time rival, and that he is willing to shake hands with anyone who backs the First Son, Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba.

Mirundi’s accusations came only days after he was caught hugging Mwenda, whom he had previously threatened to beat if they ever met.

Surprisingly, the two shared a light moment together at State House on Sunday during a meal honoring Muhoozi’s 48th birthday.

Mirundi has been mocked by many people, particularly on social media, for ‘coiling tail’ in front of the man he threatened to throttle on multiple times.

During a Radio 4 chat show, Mirundi, on the other hand, said he doesn’t regret swallowing his words.
Making peace with Mwenda, he said, is a normal event that shouldn’t frighten anyone.

He compared his rekindled relationship with Mwenda to a woman who bewitches another woman into avoiding becoming pregnant just to have her mind changed.

“He arrived, yes.”
What if you were enchanted by another woman to keep you from becoming pregnant, but she then changed her mind and did everything she could to ensure you became pregnant?
Do you harbor resentment toward that woman if you have twins?”
Mirundi was curious.

He continued by saying that, contrary to popular thought, the two embracing was not a big deal.

“I will shake everyone’s hand who supports Muhoozi.”
It wasn’t a major issue.
People believe I was compensated as part of a deal.
“It was unlike anything I’d ever seen.”

Mirundi believes he doesn’t care what others think about his plan to reconcile with the veteran journalist.

“Do not discuss people with me.”
Nobody has ever gone through what I have.
He explained, “I turned down a job, and my car was stolen from me.”

On numerous TV shows and other media outlets, Mirundi has been accused of orchestrating his exit from State House in 2013.

“Unless you want me to kill you because I can’t stand that pussy Ntwe,” she says (Mwenda).
If I encounter him in paradise or hell, we’ll fight,” Mirundi stated on NBS TV in 2019.

The two had never agreed on anything before their Sunday rendezvous at State House.


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