I Have Never Dreamt of Becoming President- Gen Muhoozi

Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, the first son and Commander of the UPDF Land Forces, has stated that he has never wished to be president.

Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, the first son and Commander of the UPDF Land Forces, has stated that he has never wished to be president.

“Many people have asked me if I want to be President.” Muhoozi stated on Saturday.

“I’ve never dreamed about it!” he clarified.

Many speculated that Muhoozi was going public about his presidential ambitions when he turned his 48th birthday celebrations into a national event in April.

“When Team MK wins power in this country, which we will,” he tweeted, “our first action will be to increase the sports budget,” he added. “Team MK will announce our political program soon.”

On March 8, Gen Muhoozi informally announced his retirement from the army on Twitter, sparking speculation that he was launching a political career.

“After 28 years of service in my glorious military, the greatest military in the world,” he said, before quickly clarifying that he would be “leaving the army after eight years.”

Muhoozi lashed out at his enemies in early May, accusing them of abusing him for so long.

“They can’t believe we’ve taken over the county now.” We will not relent until we have complete control.”

He then challenged his followers to vote on whether they wanted him to run for president in the 2026 general election.

“Retweet for those who want me to stand in 20226, unfollow for those who don’t.”

He later stated that he was only interested in making Uganda a better place.

“All we care about is making Uganda the best country it can be.” And we will follow through.”

Muhoozi stated yesterday in a series of tweets that have since vanished from his Twitter handle that he has only one option.

“In a peaceful election, we will take over the entire country of Uganda.” “We speak for the people of Uganda.”

On the same day, he tweeted, “All I want and what we will struggle for and definitely achieve are our generation’s interests.”

Muhoozi tweeted on Thursday, May 26: “There is no path in my life that leads me to abandoning my generation and their hopes and dreams!” I believe that, just as we made a significant difference in the military under the leadership of the Supreme Leader, @KagutaMuseveni, we are the generation that will make Uganda great!”

The Presidential Advisor on Special Operations told his followers, “As long as I am your Chief, I will never condemn you, my lovely people.” They condemned us for a variety of offenses! They said we had no chance! However, Jesus Christ gave us hope! We are tired of hearing so many condemnations! If Jesus Christ does not condemn us we are free!”


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