Hungary’s 1st female president takes office

On Tuesday, Katalin Novak, Hungary's first female president, assumed office.

On Tuesday, Katalin Novak, Hungary’s first female president, assumed office.

At the entrance to the Sandor Palace, the Hungarian president’s house, her predecessor, former head of state Janos Ader, greeted the incoming president.

Ader and Novak marched up the red carpet together to the residence’s entrance, where they entered together.

Mounting a guard. János der gave me the keys to the #SándorPalace this morning. Every Hungarian can count on me, and every Hungarian can count on me. Mr. President, I appreciate your service.

On March 10, the Hungarian Parliament elected Novak as President.

Novak declared after her election that she wants to be a “President of Peace.”

The official inaugural ceremony will take place on Saturday morning in front of the Parliament in Kossuth Square.

Novak was elected for a five-year term and, according to the Fundamental Law, can be re-elected once.

Ader served in the position for two periods.


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