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Heroic Heart showed by Soroti Doctors as they Separate conjoined twins

Parliament has paid tribute to Soroti hospital doctors for tirelessly working around the clock to separate conjoined twins recently.

Parliament has paid tribute to Soroti hospital doctors for tirelessly working around the clock to separate conjoined twins recently.

Doctors at Soroti regional referral hospital last month successfully separated a dead conjoined twin from a live sibling after both babies had been delivered by caesarean section at Amuria Health Centre IV in Amuria District.

Loyce Alinga, a resident of Aojangor village, Obalanga Sub-county in Kapelebyong District recently said they didn’t get assistance from Mulago national referral hospital where they went for the conjoined twins to be separated.

The conjoined twins were however separated successfully at Sprpti regional referral hospital.

On Wednesday, Kasilo County MP, Elijah Okupa passed a motion to pay tribute to Dr. Epodoi Joseph, the consultant surgeon at Soroti hospital, who also spearheaded the operation and his team for the dedicated service.

“Cognizant that Dr. Epodoi Joseph and his medical team at Soroti Regional Referral Hospital exhibited remarkable dedication to work, professionalism, unique skills, service above self, patriotism, hard work and a strong adherence to the medical code of conduct and ethics by providing competent, compassionate and dedicated care to the citizens of Uganda, parliament should pay glowing tribute to them,”Okupa said while moving the motion.

He was seconded by Richard Oseku(Kibale County), Clement Ongalo(Kataki County), Patrick Okabe( Serere County), Hellen Ado(Serere Woman MP) and Veronica Eragu(Kaberamaido County).


The MPs said it was a heroic act performed by the Soroti doctors in separating the conjoined twins, after Mulago hospital had failed on the job.

“If these conjoined twins were for a some high ranking person, MPs or rich person, this twins would have been given priority in Mulago Referral Hospital, the people who received them would have done so with all the delicateness they deserve,” Musa Echweru said.

Echweru also took a swipe at Mulago for sending away the “helpless” grandfather of the conjoined twins.

“The medical officers at Mulago who received them did not see any meaning in the lives.Yes, Mulago Referral Hospital has been renovated, it has good facilities, it has also got some very good and exemplary doctors, but there are still officers in Mulago and in many parts of the country that will before tackle you, they will look at the statues of the patient.”

MPs, Gilbert Oulanya and Francis Mwijukye called for investigations on the allegations that Mulago, a national referral hospital sent away the helpless grandfather of the conjoined twins.

The legislators asked government further enhance the medical sector performance with a view of championing medical tourism in the region but also consider increasing the salaries for doctors and medical personnel around the country.

According to legislators, hospitals around the country should be equipped and rehabilitated in order to provide adequate medical care to Ugandans.



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