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Gary Neville claims Mikel Arteta lacks confidence in the forgotten Arsenal signing.

Mikel Arteta doesn't trust the forgotten Arsenal signing, according to Gary Neville

Mikel Arteta doesn’t trust the forgotten Arsenal signing, according to Gary Neville

Gary Neville, a former Manchester United defender, acknowledges that Fabio Vieira, an Arsenal midfielder, is not Mikel Arteta’s confidante.

On Tuesday, December 3, the Gunners and Newcastle United drew 0-0 at home in the Premier League. With 67% of the game’s possession and 17 shots on goal, the hosts dominated play but were unable to overcome the Jaybirds’ tenacious defense.

Arteta only substituted once during the game as Arsenal tried to make clear scoring opportunities. He welcomed on right-back Takehiro Tomiyasu for Ben White as midfielder Vieira stayed on the seat.

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Neville acknowledges that the Spanish coach has little to no confidence in the midfielder from Portugal to contribute to the team. He said the following on Sky Sports:

“Arteta, he looks at £34 million Vieira sitting there and doesn’t want him on, because he doesn’t have trust that he will improve the team that was there. £34 million was spent on Fabio Vieira. Mikel obviously believed that by inviting him on, he would have weakened the side.

Neville highlighted how Arsenal builds its attacks from midfield rather than putting crosses in the box when discussing the team’s playing style. He stated:

They “really rely on the perfect ball and the string,” I said. “They don’t have full-backs who provide excellent crosses, they don’t have a midfield player who switches play or plays crosses like De Bruyne.”

Added him:

The little pieces of play around the case, which Newcastle, to be honest, protected so brilliantly, versatilely, and minimalistically, made it so difficult for them, and they had no other arrangements off the seat, are what they always rely on.

Vieira was acquired by Arsenal for £34 million the previous summer from FC Porto. He has participated in the team, providing two goals and two assists.

Mikel Arteta lauds Arsenal’s performance following their draw against Newcastle United

Even though it ended in a scoreless tie, the Gunners were the team with the most improvement in attack. Newcastle, however, played excellent defense and made an effort to cause trouble off the field.

In any event, Arsenal performed admirably, and manager Arteta agreed, as he stated on the club website:

“I’m really happy for the young men, the way we played, the way we controlled the game, the strategy we had all along, and the direction we took the game in. We probably gave up nothing.

Added him:

“We should have done a little better because we produced so many different situations. We don’t have enough time to touch that final button or enter that final transport in the After finishing the task, there were obviously two shocking consequences.

As of right now, Arsenal leads the Premier League standings by eight points before Thursday’s away match between Manchester City and Chelsea (December 5).

On Monday, January 9, the Gunners will travel to face Oxford United in the third round of the FA Cup.


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