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Guinness resurrects the SMACK League with a throwback version.

The alumni of St. Mary’s College Kisubi (SMACK) flocked to Legends Rugby Grounds on Sunday for the SMACK League’s fifth season’s third match day.

The match was a retro edition, with a football extravaganza that saw the top institution’s old lads reminisce about their golden recollections from their different stays.

The Outkasts, a group of old boys who attended the school between 2000 and 2005, planned the match day.

As they arranged up appearances from Mr. SMACK, the SMACK twins, and a bunch of other entertainment portfolios that were revered as part of SMACK heritage, the Outkasts provoked a lot of nostalgia among the SMACK fraternity.

For the uninitiated, Mr SMACK was a title bestowed upon the school’s best dancer.

Despite the fact that SMACK is a single males’ school, the retro edition was packed with some of Kampala’s finest women and well-wishers from other institutions, who kept the party going with the Guinness that kept the drinks flowing.

The premium beer’s most recent activation was at the SMACK League, which continues to power old students’ leagues.

The fifth season of the SMACK League is presently underway, and the football festival that began as a way to bring together SMACK old guys has evolved into a social-cultural phenomenon that entertains Kampala’s partygoers while also providing opportunities for networking.


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