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Arsenal has won its last two games, according to Guardiola.

Arsenal's recent failure to win the Premier League is helping them, in Guardiola's opinion, because it allows them to score goals in the last minutes of games.

Arsenal’s recent failure to win the Premier League is helping them, in Guardiola’s opinion, because it allows them to score goals in the last minutes of games.

Manchester City’s manager Pep Guardiola has asserted that Arsenal’s extended drought without a Premier League championship is aiding their ability to score goals late in games. Additionally, he has maintained that the Gunners remain the favorites to win the domestic championship.

Guardiola has lauded Arsenal for their recent victories, especially their most recent 3-0 success over Fulham, despite City being five points behind Arsenal with 11 games remaining. He has made the point that their desire to break their Premier League drought, which extends back to 2003–04, is the reason they are able to score late goals, as evidenced by their 3-2 victory over Bournemouth and their comeback 4-2 victory over Aston Villa.

In contrast, despite winning four of the previous five league championships, the Catalan felt City lacked that ambition.

Guardiola told reporters, “They’ve gone a long time without winning the Premier League, and that gives you a little bit extra to win games in 93, 96, and 98.

“They have that, but we don’t,” have since we twice recorded back-to-back victories.

“That is why when people ask you about the team and the season, you respond that we are still in the game despite losing twice in a row and giving up 50 points in the first half.

“In this country, you typically drop something when you win a lot and don’t start well or someone does somewhat better. You lack consistency. We are still there. The highest honor and compliment we could receive is this.

I don’t know what will happen at the end of the season, but they still recognize our will and determination to compete for a spot.

Despite Arsenal’s advantage, Premier League favoritism has been guarded due to the clubs’ divergent recent fortunes, which include City’s recent dominance and Arsenal’s lack of a league title.

When City defeated Arsenal 3-1 at the Emirates Stadium in the middle of the Gunners’ three-game losing streak in February, Guardiola continued to promote the idea that Arsenal were the favorites.

Because they are ahead, Arsenal remain the favorites, according to Guardiola. They had a fantastic first leg, fell off a bit, but are currently making a comeback.

Six of Arsenal’s last 11 league games will be at home, but on April 26, they will travel to face City. Along with facing Chelsea at home, the Arsenal have difficult road games against Liverpool and Newcastle United.

In addition, City has played six of its past 11 games at home, including meetings against Chelsea, Liverpool, and Arsenal.


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