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Gov’t requested to ban travel of Ugandans to South Sudan

The leadership of traders operating in South Sudan have asked the government to ban Ugandans from traveling to South Sudan because it is no longer safe for them.

The gathering named, the Joint Action for Redemption of Ugandan Traders in Sudan, an affiliation that units Ugandans working in South Sudan, say that they have been attempting to arrive at their minister, Amelia Kyambadde, to voice their anxiety, all to no end.

The affiliation’s director Rashid Manafa says they need to meet the public authority (the Government) and reveal to them why South Sudanese hate Ugandans and furthermore disclose to them the explanation for the executing and merciless killing of Ugandans.

He likewise requested that Government issue a restriction on Ugandans from making a trip to South Sudan in light of the fact that as the affiliation, they have attempted to converse with Ugandans who have wouldn’t notice to their recommendation in light of the fact that there are jobless.

The Acting Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affair, Arthur Kafeero says legislature of Uganda is as yet in chats with the public authority of south Sudan to guarantee wellbeing of Ugandans and their merchandise swearing that the issue will be settled soon.

He likewise says that the public authority a week ago gave a tourism warning asking all Ugandans brokers to practice alert while exchanging South Sudan as the discussions proceed.


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