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God’s Plan is furious at Rickman for stealing his girlfriend

God’s Plan is furious at Rickman for stealing his girlfriend, despite the fact that he used to feed him.

The meaning of Valentine’s Day should be updated because there isn’t just love in the air, but also heartbreak, envy, and other negative feelings from betrayed loves.

Sheila Gashumba’s fans turned to the internet to squabble over the thin diva, so it wasn’t all roses in her camp.

God’s plan started the conflict by sending snake emojis to Rickman, who had taken Plan’s place as Sheila’s boyfriend.

Uganda Online - Sheilah Gashumba's ex God's Plan brands Rickman Manrick a  snake

Plan, who was born Ali Marcus Lwanga, revealed the dirty laundry of how Rickman, a former friend, used to camp out at his flat to chill, drink, and eat his meals.

Plan had no idea that his pal would eventually turn on him and steal his prized little birdie.

Rickman was assaulted by God’s Plan in a strange Snapchat post that referred to him as a snake.

“Ni**a used to come to my place to chill, drink, and eat food,” God’s plan captioned a photo of Rickman with snake emojis.

Uganda Online - Rickman Manrick hits back at God's Plan over Sheilah  Gashumba

The snapshot, which has now gone popular on social media, has elicited a range of reactions from internet users, some of whom are perplexed as to why God’s Plan continues to focus on the past.

Others, on the other hand, have accused Rickman of being a liar and a girlfriend snatcher who should be avoided.


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