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General Muhoozi’s Twitter account has been deactivated.

Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, the UPDF Commander Land Forces, has suspended his Twitter account for unknown reasons.

Many believed Muhoozi’s account, which had over 500,000 followers, had been terminated due to a violation of the company’s civic integrity policy, but the account had been deactivated by Muhoozi himself.

The indicator “Account Suspended” is preserved for any suspended account on Twitter, however the flag “this account doesn’t exist” is retained when a person deactivates their own account.

On Gen Muhoozi’s account, the latter is visible.

The opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party seemed to be ecstatic at the development in a tweet.

“Well, Twitter chose to jump the gun to save Ugandans from the annoying, horrible, treasonous messages that were putting their lives in jeopardy,” the FDC said.

Gen Muhoozi recently used the same account to promote his upcoming “huge 48th birthday party” on April 24th.

Muhoozi, the commander of Land Forces, has been using his account to hit and answer to his detractors, which is unusual behavior for current army officials.

He recently used Twitter to issue a strong warning to rustlers in the Karamoja sub-region against targeting communities, stating that if the status quo was maintained, the army would respond with “hell.”

Last year, Twitter and Facebook blacklisted a number of government officials for attempting to sway public opinion ahead of the 2021 elections.


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