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Gabriel Jesus can show Man City what Leroy Sane couldn’t if he seals Arsenal transfer

If Gabriel Jesus signs with Arsenal, he will be able to accomplish for Man City what Leroy Sane was unable to.

If Gabriel Jesus signs with Arsenal, he will be able to accomplish for Man City what Leroy Sane was unable to.

Gabriel Jesus might transfer to Arsenal this summer in search of the regular playing time he hasn’t received at Manchester City.

Gabriel Jesus isn’t the only attacking player at Manchester City who wants to depart in search of more playing time, and he won’t be the last. Raheem Sterling and Bernardo Silva may actually leave this summer, while Jesus is reportedly close to a super durable deal to Arsenal.

Most people would agree that Jesus is probably a level above Arsenal and could lead the line for any top team when given the opportunity, but after struggling to maintain a regular berth in City’s team lately, perhaps Arsenal is the perfect place for him to increase his confidence in his abilities.

Jesus can obtain starts consistently and prove to City that he should have been deserving of them under Mikel Arteta, a coach with whom he has recently worked wonderfully and who is commended for developing his game. This doesn’t mean he wasn’t utilized properly at City, as the team’s philosophy under Pep Guardiola is one of revolution, but with Arsenal, he could practically feel assured of starting in all pivotal situations and routinely in Europe.

“It’s not just the players or me. In response to rumors that he had to quit since there weren’t any games, he claimed in April that everyone would be interested in playing if they knew about it. “Since I’ve been here, I’ve played a lot. I know what to anticipate, but I also know that we have generally excellent guys that can play every game.

Not just myself, but also Riyad Mahrez, Raz Sterling, and Grealish who just arrived and observes how things are now. All of our talented attackers and wingers must play, so the challenge is to stay focused and give it your all whenever an opportunity arises.

“I’ll play as a straight [center] player. I can go there, be frank, run everywhere, and try to fight for the ball, recover it, and attack. This, I feel, is a quality of mine. I don’t join Palmeiras until I’m 15, having played in the city up until then. I learn some things there that are helpful, so I act this way. I occasionally make recordings while running about, and that is my quality.

“I’m happy because the management and the players have assured me of their support. When I start, Riyad, Raz, Phil, Grealish, Bernardo speaks up, and Gundo follows. We try our best to be sincere. We have the experience, and although I’m still young, the last five

Although it is as legitimate to anticipate aggressive players on the edges to look elsewhere to progress during pivotal periods, it is the equilibrium that City typically achieves. Look at Leroy Sane, who joined Bayern Munich to advance his own career after leaving City. He had his own reasons for doing so.

The situation faced by rational and Jesus was fairly similar, with opposition waiting in the wings to obstruct their own goals and amazing open doors elsewhere to play routinely and strengthen their international potentials as well.

Sane is the only player who has typically seen much greener grass outside of the Etihad. He has achieved accolades with Bayern Munich and maintained a comparable goals-to-assists ratio to his time at City, but he has struggled to demonstrate his value as a key player who advances at crucial junctures.

Since continuing to demonstrate your ability to have an influence in those career-defining games whenever you have the chance is the test for players trying to refute Guardiola on the odd chance that they aren’t getting minutes in City’s bigger games. It’s clear that they want him gone rather than empowering, especially with two strikers coming in.

Jesus must follow through on his promise to score goals for Arsenal, whether via the middle or the wings. He will need toughness and a resilient faith in himself since the Arsenal swarm is unquestionably less sympathetic than City’s. He must assist Arsenal in getting back into the Champions League soon and improve their performance in the “Huge Six” games if he wants to consider his action a success.

He has the ability to make that transition from being one of many good options to becoming the basic man with the associated stress. Perhaps he could consult Sane’s sluggish start for Bayern for advice.


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