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Frenkie de Jong transfer: Man Utd situation following U-turn and agreed-upon Barcelona price

One of the most overused "will he?" questions has been Frenkie de Jong's anticipated move to Manchester United. transfer misadventures of the entire window up to this point, won't he?

Frenkie de Jong, a star for Barcelona, is continuously linked to a lucrative summer transfer to Manchester United. The trip has already had many fascinating detours, and an agreed-upon price has been agreed upon.

One of the most overused “will he?” questions has been Frenkie de Jong’s anticipated move to Manchester United. transfer misadventures of the entire window up to this point, won’t he?

Since Erik ten Hag was named the next manager of the Red Devils, the Barcelona star has been associated with a transformation at Old Trafford. After demonstrating his skills with Ajax and at Camp Nou, he would prove to be a fantastic addition to the Man Utd midfield.

Deals have been made between the two teams for a time, and several rumors speculate as to whether the Dutchman will end up being Man Utd’s most recognizable signing of the summer.

What is the state of the game?

Since Ten Hag had been appointed, he had seen De Jong as the player who would bring a genuine need for innovation to the heart of the Red Devils’ midfield once Juan Mata, Jesse Lingard, Nemanja Matic, and any semblance of Paul Pogba had all left Old Trafford at the end of the 2021/22 season.

The way things stand, a transfer for the Dutchman to Manchester United isn’t intended to be finalized inescapably with negotiations still in progress. In any case, throughout the course of recent days, the Red Devils’ negotiations have advanced significantly.

Where are the conversations now?

The Red Devils have agreed to a price for the former Ajax star, which is a huge improvement above their expectations of marking the midfielder. Man Utd will have to pay up to £70 million for De Jong this summer, even though the money won’t typically be paid within the current transfer window.

Reflect Football is aware that the Red Devils will make a direct payment of £56 million, with several additional costs increasing the overall cost.

What’s the problem?

As most people probably expected, Ten Hag has had to overcome a number of challenges in order to reunite with his former player. First and foremost, there was the agreement with Barcelona.

The Catalan monsters were said to have quickly recouped the most of the huge cost of bringing De Jong to Camp Nou in 2019. Barcelona refused to budge on its refusal to grant Joined’s request, and they even had an offer rejected. Now that the two teams had reached an agreement, there was another problem.

According to Spanish reports, the midfielder wasn’t overly enthusiastic about a move to Old Trafford after recently referring to his transition to Barcelona as a “dream.” United themselves, though, were not in the right state of mind to persuade De Jong to change his viewpoint.

The Red Devils had a successful season last year, finishing sixth in the Premier League and skipping the opportunity to play in the Champions League, a match that the midfielder might take part in if he choose to stay with Barcelona.

Reviews of De Jong at this time?

It now creates the impression that De Jong isn’t totally determined to stay in Spain despite his underlying reluctance to make a trade this summer. The Dutchman is reportedly “open” to going to Manchester, which might signal a new partnership with Ten Hag, according to The Guardian.

Although it is yet unclear how those discussions will develop over the next few days, it is unquestionably encouraging for the Red Devils as they work to secure De Jong’s future. The conflicting rumors seem to indicate that De Jong is, at the very least, conflicted and isn’t blocking a move to Manchester United.

What immediately follows?

To elastic stamp the Dutchman’s transition to Old Trafford, there is still more work to be done. He will negotiate his agreement and pay with the Red Devils with the help of his representatives, leaving just a clinical and an authority declaration as the final pieces of the puzzle.

If De Jong agrees to sign with Ten Hag, Reflect Football understands that he will likely earn roughly £250,000 a week and join United on a five-year deal.

United are not supposed to ease up in the current window if his deal is confirmed. Tyrell Malacia, a left-back for Feyenoord, appears likely to soon join his friend at the club.

Christian Eriksen has received a deal at Old Trafford, and other players like Ajax winger Antony have been linked to a move. Whether the two will remain Man Utd players after cutoff time day is not yet known.



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