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Former Archbishop Stanley Ntagali asks for forgiveness: ‘I committed adultery with Judith’

Previous Archbishop Church of Uganda, Stanley Ntagali has at long last admitted publically that he committed adultery with Judith Tukamuhabwa, a spouse to minister Rev Christopher.

While showing up before people in general for the first at the festival of the 60th commemoration of the Church of Uganda self-administration at Namirembe Cathedral since his infidelity outrage went to people in general in January, Ntagali unveiled a conciliatory sentiment and looked for absolution.

“On Christmas Eve 1974 as a young man I gave my life to the Lord Jesus Christ, and I still love the Lord because he has loved me and I have loved to serve him over the years.

Sadly, I fell into sin of adultery and I confessed to the Lord to forgive me and I want the church to forgive me. My brother bishops, all our partners, brothers and sisters in the vineyard of the lord, the entire church of Uganda and all our partners all over the world and the family Rev Christopher his wife Judith, the two families please forgive me. And I want to remain closer to Jesus,” Ntagali said.

Kazimba invited the admission of his archetype saying sin is human and when genuinely admitted to God, one gets absolution.

Following the embarrassment in January, Kazimba suspended Ntagali from performing religious obligations – taking note of that the Church of Uganda considers infidelity to be improper as homosexuality and that they can’t avoid their obligation to moral guidelines.

Ntagali filled in as eighth Archbishop of the Church of Uganda until March 1, 2020, when he timed the obligatory retirement age of 65.


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