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Birmingham police discover the body of a football fan who was convicted for hitting Jack Grealish.

Football fan who was convicted for striking Jack Grealish finds dead in Birmingham

Football fan who was convicted for striking Jack Grealish finds dead in Birmingham

Paul Mitchell, 32, was discovered dead in Birmingham after being imprisoned for storming onto the football field to confront Jack Grealish. He was described by his family as having a heart of gold. His friends have been sharing tributes to him on social media, calling him a fantastic man, and he leaves behind three children. His mother, Debbie Drew, expressed her sorrow and noted how much everyone in her family cared for him.

No matter what, he always had a smile on his face. He has the most generous heart. He will be sorely missed by a large number of individuals.

He enjoyed enormous popularity. Without him there, it won’t be the same anymore.

Debbie Drew added that when Paul Mitchell was observed by others the previous Saturday, he seemed to be in his customary cheerful mood. Mitchell, a fan of Birmingham City, was detained for trespassing onto the playing surface during a March 2019 local derby game between Aston Villa and St Andrew’s stadium. Before being removed from the field by officials, he charged at Jack Grealish, the then-captain of Aston Villa, and hit him. Mitchell was given a 14-week prison sentence, but was only kept inside bars for four. Grealish, an England player, was involved in the early attack, which occurred before the game had even reached the 10-minute mark.

Then, as a steward and members of both teams went toward Mitchell, they were able to remove him from the field.

Grealish claimed, “I was just clueless at the moment,” when asked about the attack after the game.

“I believe we had a throw-in or a corner, and as I was moving into position, I suddenly felt a blow to the side of my face.

Although there is rivalry in football, in my opinion, it has no place.

The happiest month of Mitchell’s life, he added, was the one he spent in jail.

“It was difficult being away from my family, but everything was nice,” he continued.

When questioned about his regrets, he responded, “I’m not prepared to discuss that. No, I’m not sorry.

He received a second prison sentence for disobeying a 10-year football ban last year.


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