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Côte d’Ivoire football: Seko Fofana’s plight

Questions are raised by Seko Fofana's absence from the last two Elephants meetings. That raises to the surface issues in the Ivorian team's dressing room and a pervasive gloom.

Questions are raised by Seko Fofana’s absence from the last two Elephants meetings. That raises to the surface issues in the Ivorian team’s dressing room and a pervasive gloom.

Côte d’Ivoire, which will host the 2023 AFCON in January, has automatically qualified and is still improving its automatisms. But Seko Fofana’s absence is making a fuss. The Ivorian coach, Jean-Louis Gasset, stated in a press conference prior to the game against the Comoros in Bouaké that it was his decision not to select the Lens captain (France). “I talked to the guys about it. I chose not to dial Seko and Zaha’s numbers. I prefer having participants in the group who are fully present physically and intellectually.

Seko Fofana was to emerge as an undisputed starter and a crucial component of the system after being brought back as a reinforcement in September 2022 after withdrawing from consideration in October 2021. Since a lot of time passed between his outstanding displays in friendlies in late 2022 and this FIFA window in March 2023, this is no longer the case.

Gasset had been persuaded by the 10-day training camp in September 2022 to name Seko Fofana the new metronome of the Côte d’Ivoire national team. With the exception of a small group of teammates who think he can’t arrive when he wants, as he wants, and receive so many honors, everyone was convinced by his two outstanding performances against Togo, which resulted in a 2–1 defeat, and against Guinea, where he scored the third Ivorian goal with a 60-meter sprint. “When a player, like Wilfried Zaha, doesn’t feel like making an exhaustive trip, he is the type of player who organizes the games. They arrive at the selection when it suits them, which causes issues for us assiduous athletes in the locker room “a participant who asked Before practice on March 23, 2023, in the stadium of Bouake’s hallways, anonymity.

“This squad has lords, and they do not want a stranger in the locker room, particularly if the latter is well-liked by the authorities and the Ivorian populace. This group of old guards, who do not want a star above them in terms of aura and talent, has only been reinforced by Seko Fofana’s comeback. On March 27, the federation gathered in the Comoros to honor Gradel for reaching 100 caps. Bailly, Kessié, Aurier, and others were there “says Rash N’Guessan, a former prominent radio and television personality and consultant.

The locker room is divided by Seko Fofana.

Seko Fofana was unable to participate in the match between Burundi and Burkina Faso in November 2022 because he tested positive for Covid-19. He also didn’t play against the Comoros. Before the double battle against the Coelacanths, the elephant leader Serge Aurier did not fail to comment on this omission in the Talents D’Africa program. “Everyone has a right to their own opinion, but the coach will ultimately make the call, in my opinion. We are athletes and would like to have Seko with us, but our attention is on those who are already here and able to help us win these two games and create something “He responded in an almost irritated manner, demonstrating his lack of concern for the lack of the winner.

Better, he was not privy to the main points of Seko Fofana and Gasset’s conversation because he was the current captain. “We don’t know the details of the conversation he had with the coach, so we won’t go into them. But everyone needs to be there because we are preparing something significant, he added. A declaration that amplifies the tension surrounding the Sang et Or in the dressing room. Particularly considering that a source close to the Federation is formal about the intentions of the federal government towards the Parisian. “There is no tension between coach Gasset and Seko. Some players may have issues after learning that the coach intends to designate Seko his captain and the important player for the next CAN,” the person we spoke with said.

Not to mention, despite the French technician’s vehement denial, the rumors regarding the armband that Aurier wears and that Seko Fofana desires have not yet died down. “The armband worn by the captain has nothing to do with Seko’s absence. This is an entirely new idea “Gasset vehemently refuted. Everyone will be firmly positioned during the upcoming international window, which is set for next June and during which he guarantees that Fofana will be called once more.


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