Florida Woman Reconnects with High School Sweetheart on Facebook, Then Finds Out He Stole $1.4M from Her, Lawsuit Says

A Florida woman claims she was scammed out of $1.4 million after reconnecting with her high school sweetheart.

A Florida woman claims she was scammed out of $1.4 million after reconnecting with her high school sweetheart. She alleges the man plotted on her, claiming to be a doctor and promising her the love they dreamed of as kids, but little did she know he would introduce to her a nightmare of lies that would lead to financial ruin.

Shareza Jackson, 44, a single mother raising two teen daughters, linked with Dorian Wilkerson decades after the two graduated from high school. He reached out to her via Facebook in 2014, sweeping her off her feet with a truck full of lies. Chief among them was that he was an epidemiologist for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and a doctor at Emory Hospital.

At the time, Jackson was working as a regional director for a Fortune 500 health care company, owned her own home, two luxury vehicles, and was a published author, but happy to reconnect with someone she thought had the same values and work ethic as she.

Not long after reconnecting on social media, they started meeting up in person. She claims she would travel from Florida to Atlanta, and stay in a hotel, where he would pick her up in his Bentley, fresh from work and still in his scrubs, before taking her to his apartment before their date.

She thought he was a knight in shining armor, and within two years, the lovebirds married.

“He was tall, dark and handsome, and he was very accomplished,” she said in an interview with the Daily Mail about Wilkerson. “He was not just an MD but also a Ph.D. and attended these prestigious universities and would lecture around the country on vaccines and infectious disease.”

The two remained married for six years and during that time he was able to swindle over $1 million from her portfolio.

Jackson filed for divorce in March 2023. Months later, in October 2023, she filed a civil lawsuit claiming that he weaseled approximately $1 million from her account and $400,000 from a business investment.

According to the complaint, Wilkerson manipulated her into using funds from her 401(k) to establish a cosmetic clinic, where he would perform a range of plastic surgery procedures, including breast augmentation, tummy tucks, and Brazilian butt lifts.

After setting up this business, he would take the profits for his own benefit. He also forged her signature on documents to secure loans in her name, pocketing that money. Jackson, who claims she was not actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the business, remained oblivious to these illicit activities.

Eventually, she left her job to put all of her attention on their family business. It was at this point that she began to notice unexplained discrepancies in the financial records, realizing that substantial amounts of money were missing from the company accounts.

To make matters worse, Jackson alleges her deceitful husband also cheated on her.

Other women came forward sharing their experiences with him. They told her that he was a “dangerous person” and was not who he said he was.

They were right, according to police reports. While he told Jackson he was an esteemed doctor, he actually had a laundry list of charges, some felonies dating as far back as 2001 that included battery, assault, family violence, domestic battery charges, theft, extortion, and even being fined for pretending to be a doctor.

When she confronted him with the information she discovered, he filed a complaint with the police alleging she was mishandling their joint finances and tried to get her arrested.

While Jackson is waiting for the divorce to be finalized and the civil case to come through, she is using this experience to benefit her. A money maker, she has published another book telling her story, “Successful Women Get Played Too.”

She believes her faith and telling her story are the first steps to reclaiming her life.

Wilkerson has not commented on the allegations leveled against him.


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