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Fighting to prevent Kyabazinga’s marriageWoman fights to prevent Kyabazinga from getting married

A British woman has written to the leaders of the Busoga clans in an attempt to prevent Kyabazinga, William Wilberforce Gabula Nadiope IV, from getting married.

Jovia Mutesi was named as the queen and future wife of the Kyabazinga in September. As a result, a royal wedding has been planned for November 18, 2023, at Christ’s Cathedral Bugembe in Jinja City.

But in a letter dated October 16, 2023, Alison Nadiope, through attorneys, informs them and the whole Busoga kingdom that she married the Kyabazinga in December 2016 in a civil court in the United Kingdom.

“They’re parents of two kids. They’re parents of two kids. Part of the letter from Anne Cuthbert Solicitors Limited states, “Mrs. Nadiope is prepared to provide a copy of the marriage certificate and photographs of the marriage if requested.”

“Mrs. Nadiope goes on to tell us that she has helped the Kyabazinga during their marriage, including covering his educational expenses. She recently gave his school fees a total of £1,755.00. She didn’t stop encouraging him till she found out he was getting married. Mrs. Nadiope has been in charge of the kids’ and the house’s maintenance.

The lady, who is based in the UK, warns him about the dangers of being married again and claims that the Kyabazinga has not divorced her despite their continuous plans to get married again in a legal ceremony.

She tells us he’s going to get married again, this time civilly. If he did, he would have violated the UK legal system by committing the crime of bigamy. Bigamy carries a maximum sentence of six months in prison from a magistrate.

This development coincides with the recent appointment of a 25-member committee to lead the fundraising efforts for the upcoming royal wedding.










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