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If the £300,000-a-week attacker joins Arsenal this summer, fans will be informed — Mikel is keen on a deal.

Raheem Sterling is expected to stay at Manchester City and criticize Arsenal’s advances.

Genuine has been a huge part of Pep Guardiola’s success at Man City over the last couple of seasons, and he has developed into an a-list finisher.

However, this season has not gone according to plan, as he has had to compete with Phil Foden and Jack Grealish for a starting spot in the Man City squad, which has left him quite dissatisfied with the amount of game time he has received.

When you combine that with the way Man City has marked Erling Haaland, it’s clear that Sterling will be fighting for playing time next season, prompting speculation that Arsenal would intervene.

Mikel Arteta knows the player well from his time at Manchester United, and according to all rumors, the Gunners are willing to pay the Englishman a massive contract to bring the action to London.

Regardless, Steve McManaman believes Sterling will not want to leave City for Arsenal if the Gunners do not qualify for the Champions League next season. McManaman told Horseracing.net: “I can’t see Raheem going to Arsenal if they do not qualify for the Champions League, and I believe he should stay at Manchester City.”

“He’s fantastic at Manchester City, despite Pep Guardiola’s penchant for hacking and changing.”

If Arsenal fails to qualify for the Champions League next season, they will have a difficult time attracting big-name players such as Sterling.

Sure, they have an intriguing bunch, and yes, they may be the finest club on the planet, but none of that matters if they aren’t winning awards and competing in the Champions League, which is exactly what the top players require.

If Sterling joins Arsenal, it will be on a cash basis, which is exactly what Arsenal does not want to do — sign players solely for the money.

If the £300,000-a-week attacker joins Arsenal this summer, fans will be informed — Mikel is keen on a deal.


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