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Emulating the Invincibles: How Arsenal Can Secure the Premier League Title Run-In

How Arsenal can replicate the success of the Invincibles in their quest for a Premier League championship.

As Arsenal move closer to potentially winning their first Premier League title since the 2003/04 season, comparisons between the current team and the iconic Invincibles are becoming more common. 

The Invincibles, featuring star players such as Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira, and Dennis Bergkamp, famously went unbeaten throughout an entire top-flight season. While the current Arsenal team may not be able to match that incredible feat, they are approaching the Invincibles’ total points tally for that season.

With their eyes set on the title, Mikel Arteta and his squad may be wondering what they can learn from the Invincibles’ success, particularly as they approach the final stretch of the season. The current Premier League standings suggest that Arsenal are still in the running for the championship, but what will they need to do in order to truly emulate the Invincibles?

After 28 games in the 2003/04 Premier League season, Arsenal had established a significant lead at the top of the table with a nine-point advantage. Following a victory over Blackburn in March 2004, their closest competitors, Chelsea, were considerably behind, and Manchester United were not even in contention for the title. It was then known as the Premiership, rather than the Premier League.

As of now, after 28 games in the 2022/23 Premier League season, Arsenal are leading the table with an eight-point lead over current champions Manchester City.

 However, Arsenal still have a crucial away match against City at the Etihad Stadium to come. Additionally, City hold an advantage in recent head-to-head matches and have a superior goal difference, which could potentially impact the final outcome of the title race.

How Arsenal can emulate Invincibles during 2022/23 Premier League title run in

Arsenal has three remaining matches in their pursuit of the Premier League title, and they will be facing teams they played against during the final stages of the 2003/04 season, with players such as Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira.

 The first of these matches will be against Leeds United. In 2004, when the Premier League was still referred to as the Premiership by fans worldwide, Arsenal hosted Leeds at Highbury on a Friday night. Robert Pires scored the first goal, but the game was dominated by Thierry Henry, who scored four goals in a 5-0 victory, pushing Arsenal ten points clear at the top of the table. Earlier this season, when the two teams met at Elland Road, Arsenal won the game 1-0 thanks to Bukayo Saka’s solitary goal.

After the international break, Arsenal will travel to Anfield to play Liverpool in their next game. Historically, Arsenal has struggled to win away matches against Liverpool, with their last victory in the Premier League on Liverpool’s home turf dating back to September 2012. Nonetheless, Arsenal managed to win the first game against Liverpool earlier this season. In 2004, Arsenal also secured a memorable victory over Liverpool at Highbury, with Sami Hyypia and Michael Owen scoring for Liverpool but Arsenal responding with a goal from Robert Pires and a stunning hat trick from Thierry Henry to secure a 4-2 win.

In the previous season, Arsenal suffered two consecutive defeats to Tottenham and Newcastle, which led to their failure to secure a top-four spot. However, this year, they have their eyes set on a much greater prize beyond just qualifying for the Champions League.

In April 2004, Arsenal faced Newcastle United at St James’ Park, resulting in a goalless draw. This match marked the first of four draws in five games for Arsenal.

This upcoming fixture against Newcastle United is part of a crucial stretch for Arsenal, as they will also be facing Manchester City, Chelsea, and Brighton. If they can secure a significant lead over Manchester City in the standings after these matches, they will have a strong chance of winning the title under Mikel Arteta’s leadership.

Emulating the Invincibles: How Arsenal Can Secure the Premier League Title Run-In

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