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Emorimor, a caregiver, has been appointed by an ICU competitor organization.

Paul Sande Emolot, the beleaguered head of the Iteso Cultural Union-ICU Council, has been named interim Emorimor. For suspected insubordination to the council, the council also passed a motion disbanding Prime Minister Augustine Omare Okurut’s government.

The decision was made during a special council meeting on Wednesday at the ICU offices in Soroti, which was presided over by council speaker John Francis Ekuma. The council’s decision, according to Ekuma, is based on Article XV11, subsection (d) in (V1) of the ICU Constitution.

The chairperson of the council deputizes Emorimor, and in the event of Emorimor’s death, impeachment, or failure to discharge his duties, the chairperson takes over.

The council is the legislative body of the Iteso Cultural Union, and it is in charge of maintaining order at the Emorimor’s office. Emorimor is deputized by the chairperson of the council, who makes decisions for the institution. The ICU council also analyzes and approves the institution’s audited accounts, which require the agreement of all designated officials, including as the prime minister and cabinet.

When the position of Emorimor becomes empty, the chairperson of the ICU Council is responsible for informing all delegates and inviting candidates to fill up nomination forms. An extraordinary conference of the delegates is called from there for the same reason.

During the ICU council meeting, the ICU Cabinet, led by Augustine Omare Okurut, was conspicuously missing. Omare and his supporters claim that the ICU Council is illegitimate because it was suspended by the former Emorimor before his death. According to the former Emorimor’s letter to the ICU district chairpersons dated June 14, 2021, the council was suspended due to irregularities and discrepancies in their prior elections.

The ICU electoral commission was dissolved by the same letter. Emolot and Ekuma, on the other hand, claim that they were not served with the suspension letters. Emorimor didn’t have the authority to suspend the council, according to Emolot, so his letter was null and invalid.

The council, which is currently operating independently of the cabinet, has issued a roadmap for Emorimor’s election.

The cabinet has allegedly ignored four straight council meetings without providing an explanation, according to council members. According to Article X111, Subsection (a) of the ICU Constitution, Emorimor should be elected on a rotating basis from any of the four regions of Iteso communities in Uganda and Kenya: Northern, Southern, Central, and Eastern.

The northern region includes the districts of Soroti, Katakwi, Amuria, Kapelebyong, Kaberamaido, and Kalaki; the southern region includes the districts of Kumi, Pallisa, Ngora, Butebo, Pallisa, Mbale, and Bukedea; and the central region includes the districts of Tororo, Bugiri, Busia in Uganda, Namayingo, Mayuge, and Manafwa.

The eastern region is made up of districts in Kenya including Mt. Elgon, Chaptais, Teso North, Teso South, Busia in Kenya, Nambale and Matayos.


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