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During Ramadan, Museveni has asked Muslim leaders to promote peace.

President Museveni has urged Muslim leaders across the country to preach peace, unity, and tranquillity as a method of transforming the country.

During the Ramadan time, the president addressed a message to all Muslims.

“I call on all Muslim leaders around the country to preach a message of peace, tranquillity, hard work, and prosperity so that our nation can grow and transform,” he said. According to Museveni,

“The Holy Month of Ramadan is a time of prayer, withdrawal from all routine, and complete obedience to God as the highest authority in our life, bringing about positive changes.” May Allah’s blessings be with you as you begin Ramadhan, and may your supplications be heard and granted by the Almighty Allah.

May all of the benefits that come with your engagement emerge and come to fruition in your lives.”

Uganda, Museveni remarked, had faced difficulties throughout the pandemic, but had conquered most of them through prayer.

“I am confident that the prayers for yourself and the nation in this month of Ramathan will see Uganda’s economy resurrect to self-sufficiency this year.”

During their prayers, the president also urged the Islamic community to follow SOPs. This, he claimed, will assuage any fears of a COVID-19 outbreak recurrence.

“I ask you to follow SOPs at places of worship in order to avoid a resurgence of high Covid -19 infections.” Please be vaccinated at government Health Centers and recognized locations if you have not already done so.”


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