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During Easter, the police are urging people to be extra vigilant.

Ugandans are being asked to be more attentive during the Easter vacation, which begins on Friday.

Unlike the previous year, there will be no severe limitations on public gatherings this Easter.

However, police deputy spokesperson Claire Nabakka cautioned that the Christmas season could bring an upsurge in criminal activity, with opportunists and criminal elements attacking, stealing from, and robbing pedestrians, motorists, residences, passengers, and revelers, among others.

Despite the fact that Uganda is devoid of particular terrorism threats, she noted, members of the public should remember that terrorism is still a menace.

While police monitoring and alertness have been increased at all major places of worship, entertainment and social event locations, bus and taxi terminals, and all VIP and security installations, Ugandans must remember that safety is everyone’s duty and obligation, according to Nabakka.

“As a result, we urge the general people to be watchful and report any suspicious activities to the police or other security agencies.” By doing so, you are assisting us in taking strong action against criminals and bringing them to justice,” she explained.

In light of this, Nabakka recommended the people to keep their cellphones charged at all times so that they can contact police authorities for assistance in the event of an emergency.

Furthermore, the police deputy spokeswoman warned motorists against driving recklessly. She stressed that as cops, they had put in place severe and stringent methods to deal with such unruly motorists.

“Our traffic enforcement teams have increased the visibility of their patrols and enforcement efforts in order to improve traffic discipline and compliance,” Nabakka added.


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