“DP should shun the rhetoric of regime change,” Mao says.

Norbert Mao, the president general of the Democratic Party (DP), has stated that the party has a big chance because of the masses

Norbert Mao, the president general of the Democratic Party (DP), has stated that the party has a big chance because of the masses’ dissatisfaction with those who have positioned themselves as an alternative but are exposing themselves as office seekers without substance.

“They’re like the guys who write bad checks.” They instilled optimism among the public, but they failed to deliver. But we can’t put the burden solely on the voters. “Those who failed to provide leaders of substance must also be blamed,” he added.

Mao’s statements were included in a message delivered by DP national vice president Fred Mukasa Mbidde during a party meeting of NEC members, MPs, and district chairpersons from throughout the country.

Members, according to Mao, must understand that ideas are what make an organization, because voters will elect them based on what the party stands for, not the organizations with which they are affiliated.

“We need to be clear about our historical foundations.” Our credibility must be beyond reproach on matters like human rights and good governance, on private enterprise and economic development for all citizens, ”he said.

He explained that, while the party wants regime change, it should resist the temptation to limit its agenda to a mantra of regime change because regime change is only a means to a goal, not an end in itself.

He stated that the foundations of change must be established, agreed upon, and expressed, and that the party must go out to the public.

He stated that there is a need to communicate to the middle class, as well as those seeking to join it, as well as the electorate, as it will be, rather than as it was.

“Old messages are no longer valid. We can’t keep churning out party messages as if we’re talking to a 1960s audience. Because the best government is the best politics, we must strive to be elected. Those who, when given the opportunity to lead, do it effectively will be re-elected again and time again,” he remarked.

He believes it is pointless to be simply commentators without also becoming the party of choice in elections.

“The Democratic Party is an intellectual party. In terms of public policy, no one tops us. He stated, “Our party requires a think tank to initiate debate and establish policy positions.”

Mao emphasized that the party requires a leadership academy to conduct a training program for aspiring leaders, and that as a beneficiary of such programs, he wishes for more young people to benefit as too.


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