Doreen Kabareebe stings Pastor Sempa for demanding her attention

Popular city model Doreen Kabareebe made a U-turn on her relations with Pastor Martin Sempa while clearing the air on why she failed to make time for him.

Doreen Kabareebe who recently brought home two accolades from Zambia’s Zikomo Awards explained that Pastor Sempa has always asked to meet her.

She failed on several occasions because the dates she always reserved to meet the city pastor coincided with her travel days abroad.

The first time she was supposed to meet him, she got an invitation and traveled to Ethiopia on a work-related trip.

Upon her return, she yet again got another Modeling engagement in Dubai, and later to Zambia for the Zikomo awards.

She claims that she had failed to find free time to meet the pastor but was so surprised to hear Sempa saying that she did it intentionally.

When Pastor Sempa castigated her for failing to show up for a meeting they had planned about while live on TV, she swung in to give her side of the story.

Doreen Kabareebe noted how she does not pray from Pastor Sempa’s Church and that she is not part of his flock.

She then stressed that the pastor had no business putting their private meeting before the public.


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