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Details about a man who was tormented and burned with hot melting plastic in a video have emerged.

Police in Kampala have launched an investigation into a group of individuals who were caught on camera torturing a man by scorching his back with hot melting plastic after tying his hands and legs.

On Sunday, a frightening video surfaced on social media in which one of the torturers was seen wearing a shirt with the letters NRM.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga told journalists on Monday that the way the video was obtained was done meticulously, and the persons behind it left no evidence of their identity.

“However, we’ve determined that video was of a torture of a man who was chosen at random and lured to Lovely Guest House in Ggaba, where he was tormented,” Enanga added.

Enanga explained the circumstances of the incident, saying that a plumber named Brian Njuba, 40, of Lungujja in Lubaga division, had pinned posters with his phone number as a way of advertising his plumbing services, prompting an unknown assailant posing as a client to call him and promise him business in Ggaba.

“He was invited to do plumbing work by folks he had never met before. They directed him from Lungujja, where he currently resides, to the Lovely Guest House in Ggaba. They later welcomed him into one of the guest rooms.

According to investigators, Njuba was stripped naked inside the guest house room, his testicles were bound with ropes, his mouth was gagged with stockings, and chosen parts of his body were burned with melting plastics from a small jerican.

According to police, the assailants later left the victim for dead and fled with his phone.

“The suspects assumed he was dead and left. The assailants carefully recorded the act on video. The victim claims he was chosen at random and called after seeing advertisements for his plumbing services on billboards.


According to a police spokeswoman, the proprietor of the guest house, Brian Mushabwe, and Mercy Namagembe have been detained for failing to record the suspects’ identities in the registration book, as required by hotel, lodge, and guest house laws.

“Because the culprits were not booked at the guest house, their crime was premeditated.” We detained the hotel owner and the individual who was working that night as a lesson to all other hotel and guest house administrators for taking the instructions set for granted.”

According to Enanga, a severe manhunt has begun for the victim, who has been admitted to Mulago hospital for treatment.


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