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Defeated Stella Nyanzi still eyeing on Parliament

Political extremist Dr Stella Nyanzi has proclaimed that her parliament dream is a long way from dead.

Nyanzi, who is straight from a deliberate three months oust in Kenya, pronounced that she is as yet enthused about making it to parliament.

Nyanzi challenged for the Kampala Woman MP seat and lost to National Unity Platform’s Shamim Malende in the just closed surveys. Nyanzi challenged on the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) ticket.

A confrontational Nyanzi said that her misfortune didn’t mean she had surrendered the expectation of addressing Ugandans in parliament. She said that, all things being equal, she had drawn numerous exercises from the wounding effort that would help in her next journey to be chosen for parliament.

Nyanzi was beforehand a teacher at Makerere University, having some expertise in humanities and human sexuality.

She said that was back in the country following three months since she felt that dangers to her life had decreased.

She guaranteed that she had been getting many calls that made her apprehensive for her security. She said, “I needed to mull over my own security. I was getting various mysterious considers that recommended that my area was being followed, I became security mindful.”

Nyanzi proceeded to guarantee that numerous Ugandans have discreetly looked for shelter or asylum in adjoining nations including Kenya.

As indicated by Nyanzi, the new stalemate between Kenyan specialists and the United Nations High Commission for outcasts has left a part of banished Ugandans abandoned after the conclusion of displaced person camps.

Nyanzi offered the comments while showing up on NBS TV’s Morning Breeze.


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