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Declan Rice Provides an Open and Sincere Statement Regarding a Possible £105 Million Transfer from West Ham

Declan Rice of Arsenal has openly acknowledged that, after the club’s record signing from West Ham, he first struggled to accept his £105 million price tag. The England midfielder underlined the need of being loyal to oneself and maintaining consistency while acknowledging the normal anxiety that accompanies such a high assessment. Rice has performed well for the club and the nation while adjusting to life at Arsenal with ease, in spite of the strain and expectations.

In his reflections on the deal, Rice noted the immense pressure that comes with a £105 million departure and reaffirmed his commitment to provide the club with on-field results to justify its investment. He emphasized the need to establish oneself and provide quick results, underscoring the pressure and expectations that accompany such a high price tag.

Rice made a parallel between himself and his England teammate Jack Grealish, who required a £100 million move before reaching his full potential at Manchester City. Rice noted that Grealish had originally struggled with mental health issues and attributed his own easy adjustment to his determination to pick up new skills, hone them on the training field, and maintain concentration.

Rice acknowledged his current form and position as a vital player, but he also pledged to keep getting better and pointed several aspects of his game where he thinks he can still get better. He underlined the need to be more active in such situation and mentioned how his position at Arsenal has changed, allowing him to see more of the ball.

As he gets closer to earning his 48th cap for England, Rice understands the importance of accomplishing goals and wants to keep performing at the top. In appreciating the legendary stature of players who have accomplished such milestones in the history of the game, he expressed thanks for the unique experience of obtaining England caps and set his eyes on achieving 100 caps in the future.

Declan Rice Provides an Open and Sincere Statement Regarding a Possible £105 Million Transfer from West Ham
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