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DEAL: Mao signs cooperation agreement with Museveni

Mao informed Museveni that he now has the unique chance to bring together party members dispersed throughout Uganda.

An MoU for cooperation between NRM and DP has been inked.

Mao informed Museveni that he now has the unique chance to bring together party members dispersed throughout Uganda.

At State House in Entebbe, the National Resistance Movement-NRM party and the Democratic Party-DP signed a working collaboration agreement.

Nobert Mao signed on behalf of the Democratic Party, which he heads as President General, while President Yoweri Museveni, who is also the National Chairman of the NRM, signed on behalf of the party.

The signing was observed by Gerald Siranda of the DP and Richard Todwong, the secretary general of the NRM, according to a press statement from the Presidential Press Unit.

Museveni praised Mao for promising to work on getting the DP to cooperate with the NRM in a statement following the signing. He said that the top administrative level should have taken care of this a long time ago.

At the State House in Entebbe, I met with Norbert Mao, the leader of the Democratic Party. We authorized the NRM and the DP to work together. I applaud the DP leadership for this example of politically responsible maturity and insight.

— Yoweri K Museveni on July 20, 2022 (@KagutaMuseveni)

“You are aware of the past. Because I was a very active member of DP, I keep reminding you that DP without Museveni is not a genuine organization, Museveni remarked, adding that he was thrilled by this accomplishment. Although DP had supported the opposition, he said that their actions had been constructive rather than hostile.

On behalf of his party, Mao expressed appreciation for the achievement and noted that this has been a long road that began before some of them were even born. He informed Museveni that he now has the historic chance to bring together party members who are dispersed throughout Uganda.

Mao advised, “You must seek them out wherever they may be, in all the political groups and throughout all of Uganda. He declared that DP is dedicated to upholding the terms of the agreement.

“This is a work in progress. We have signed it in good faith and it must continue to expand, said Mao, adding that the documents they have signed demonstrate that they have been able to work out their differences.

President Museveni is the captain of the ship known as Uganda, and it is necessary to pray for him as he leads, the speaker said, praising the courage he has shown throughout and the dangers he has taken.

What is written in the signed memorandum is not yet known. The oldest political party in Uganda, the DP, joins the Uganda People’s Congress to cooperate with the NRM.


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